Friday, August 12, 2011

dIUI: article

Check out this article. I think it sums up nicely what it's like to be infertile in a fertile world, to make choices.

Thoughts? Reactions?



Melissa G said...

Fantastic article, thank you for sharing.

Made me cry, for so many reasons...

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I loved her response to people who see ART as a control thing, as in taking the control from God. I am going to have to remember that bit about contraceptives, elective c-sections, and hair dye.

Thank you so much for sharing it!

Brandy said...

So many good points in that article! Here is what stood out to me:

"The fertile also can be unthinkingly callous. I've had friends suggest that my experience could be a great lesson: This is the first time I haven't gotten something that I wanted (I promise, it's not). Others imply that IVF is a prideful attempt to outmaneuver nature, which may be true. But that's hard to hear from people who used contraception for years, then timed sex according to an ovulation kit, scheduled their C-sections around work and dye their hair."

"There's something about being able to see where at least some of your parts are from. But when will I get to the point where, as Doc S. says, "nothing's going to make a dent"? How can you tell when you're destroying your own life to create another?"