Tuesday, August 2, 2011

dIUI: CD 5 - U/S (updated)

Sorry about the lack of posting. I've been super busy with my IRL world. Went to see Harry.Potter with my aunt and uncle on Friday (LOVED it) and spent the night at their house. Saturday: baking with my aunt (LOVED it). Sunday, friend's birthday party. Monday: work.

Today's U/S went well. Too well? What do you mean, Jem? Well, I have over 12 follicles on the right side, the largest measuring between 6-9 mm. The left side, chronic underachiever, only had 5 follies, between 5-6 mm. I joked with Nurse S, our lovely IUI Nurse, that maybe we should convert this IUI to IVF! (kidding).

In any case, I have a second u/s scheduled for Thursday and I suspect they will lower my meds going forward. Possible u/s tomorrow? Maybe. I'm hoping for the actual IUI to happen over the weekend.

We are also having some drama getting our donor sample from Dr. Z's clinic across the bay to Dr. W's clinic. Mr. Jem procrastinated on calling and now it seems they need a week to release all the vials we have stored there. I hope Mr. Jem can clear this up. If not, we'll have to buy more (at over $600 a pop, no thanks!). I'm annoyed with Mr. Jem AND Dr. Z's clinic.

Okay, back to work!


Update: Nurse S called: I'm to lower my meds to 150 IU of Folli.stim and come back for an u/s on Thursday.

Good news: Mr. Jem is going to pick up our vials from Dr. Z tomorrow! Yippee! We both really like the donor we picked before our first IVF (as backup). He comes from a cool family, father is an architect and mother is artistic. Also, he's Jewish, with a Jewish mother, which is important to Mr. Jem. Of course our child will be Jewish because his/her mother will be, but it means a lot to Mr. Jem, so...  I'll write more on picking a donor another post.


Mrs. Gamgee said...

I hope that things get sorted out with the donor sample... that would be stressful, and that's just what you don't need right now.

Yay for a good number of follies!

TeeJay said...

Great job ovaries! Sorry about the sample drama. I hope you can get what you need so that everything continues as planned. Continued good wishes!

Marissa said...

I'm getting excited!!

SmartOneKym said...


linda said...

Man your ovaries are working overtime! Very cool!

I think I missed hearing why you left Dr. Z's office for Dr. W. (I know who Dr. Z is but not Dr. W). Can you please tell me what it was that did it for you with Z? I'm curious because he "fired" me as a patient. LOL.