Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why Not Us?

Here's the t-shirt Mr. Jem wore to today's IUI.

Everything went swimmingly (pun intended!). Dr. Sub (not Dr. W.) called about 9:15 a.m. to verify that we wanted the donor sperm thawed, and not Mr. Jem's swimmers, which they also have frozen. We arrived before 10:00 a.m. waited a little bit before being sent to the IVF lab to sign for our thawed sperm. I was given two vials, one with the empty vial from the sperm bank (for verification) and the other with the spunk inside, nice and toasty warm, which I slipped in between my cleavage to keep warm until I got to the procedure room (a regular u/s room).

Dr. Sub came in. Small talk, speculum. Then she drew up the donor sperm in the catheter and inserted it in through my cervix, and voila! Insemination! No u/s used.

I lay there for 15 minutes before Mr. Jem drove us home. No instructions to rest or not to have s.ex.

Please visualize with me: all 32 million of the donor sperm doing their thing, swimming and finding my lovely eggs which I imagine are floating happily down my fallopian tubes. Let's hold hands, sing kumb.aya, and visualize the happy union of those eggs with the sperm. Think of successful fertilization, healthy chromosomes and cell division resulting in at least one embryo and a pregnancy, a baby. Yes, a baby!

Why not us? Indeed!

I'm feeling good, still hopeful. I'm a bit crampy this afternoon.

Now starts the dreaded two week wait. G-d grant me patience.



Marissa said...

I'm seeing them swimming up your wide open tubes now, and when they reach the upper parts, perfect, healthy eggs will be waiting for them.

How exciting!!

COME ON BABY said...


Vibing you a postive pregnancy test in two weeks!

Much love.

Tippy said...

Visualizing commencing! Go swimmers go.

Mrs. Lemon said...

Swim boys swim!

Nikki said...

We are in the 2WW together. Just had our 4th IUI yesterday morning. Good luck to you!

linda said...

Visualizing them swimming at lightening speed to get that egg (or eggs!) Love the t-shirt and his spunk (no, not THAT spunk) for wearing it! :-))

tishi said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.....PLEASE!!!! and I love the visualizations :)

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Hoping... crossing everything crossable... praying... :)

Love the shirt!

Kristina said...

Yes, visualizing positive egg/sperm connection and healthy embryo implantation, pregnancy, and baby! Hoping the 2 week wait flies by for you both.

Anonymous said...

Why not you is RIGHT!

32 million little cells of hope. I'm visualizing!