Sunday, August 28, 2011

A week ago...

A week ago we found out we were pregnant! In 9 days we'll have our first OB sonogram, and know if we have anything really growing in there... I vacillate between being totally hopeful and then not. My breasts continue to be extremely tender, kinda like having tiny razor blades in there. I have been wearing a sports bra to bed, which helps - thanks for that suggestion!

How far along am I, officially? How do you calculate the pregnancy when you've done medicated IUI? It's not like I ovulated on CD 14. Anyone know? I just know I'm 21dpo today.



Aly said...

Count back two weeks from when you O'd and use that date as you LMP. So if you are 21 dpo you should be 5 weeks pregnant.


b said...

congratulations on your pregnancy! i haven't logged onn for a week, and to come back to this news is fabulous -- i am so excited for you!!


Sooz said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait for my first ultrasound, too. And, I totally know what you mean about tender breasts. I know the wait is tough, but hand in there!

linda said...

I wonder what it is about early pregnancy that gives one such strong symptoms? Some say it's the HCG, some say it's the progesterone...but I am baffled here.

Did you find that you had any symptoms with your HCG trigger or progesterone? I never have any so I wonder if I were to be come pregnant, would I feel much at all?

Just some random thoughts I've had on the subject for a long time.

It's so exciting to see you with a BFP! Congrats and please keep up with the updates! :))

A. said...

I am not sure if I said congratulations yet, so, congratulations!!! I am so thrilled for you!! Sending you many good vibes for a happy and healthy pregnancy.I would calculate the pregnancy by considering the IUI your O date (i.e. 2 weeks pregnant at that date, so 4 weeks pregnant at 14 dpiui etc).

Adventures in Baby Waiting said...

Soooo happy for you Jem! All the best to you!
formerly Adventures in Baby Waiting


Adele said...

Ditto the five weeks.

Fingers firmly crossed for your sonogram.