Friday, January 1, 2010

8 mm?

Yesterday we had my ute scan to see if I made the 8 mm lining check. The sonographer measured and measured and we made it!

FET scheduled for Thursday, Jan 7! With Dr. W. I start 6 days of progesterone on the 2nd. Got my circles drawn in and everything.

I feel really ready this time. I feel good physically and mentally. After having had a bit too much of my parents, they left for the afternoon, which gave me and Mr. Jem some breathing room.

The next day the helped us with a landscaping project (weed barrier and chips put down on a 1,200 square foot area). The following day they bought us a set of shelves for our garage and helped us totally clean out the garage. We have boxes to sort through and put the stuff we want to keep in bins, but we can actually see the cement floor of the garage. It's a miracle!

I am very very grateful for their help, their support, their love.

My parents flew off this morning for a month in Oaxaca, Mexico. They are so active and lead such full lives.

After a day of total relaxation today to catch up on sleep and R&R, Mr. Jem and I are planning some fun activities.

Question for all y'all: Is it okay for me to go into hot tubs? I know it isn't AFTER transfer, but is okay before?



'Murgdan' said...

I'm so excited for your go get in that hot tub! And the beauty of a FET? Mr. Jem can get in the hot tub too! :-) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

exciting! So pleased things are progressing as planned for your FET.
Enjoy your peaceful time now the family has gone!

Heather said...

Gosh, that's only 5 days away! Go Jem! I'm about 2 weeks behind you.

Not sure about the hot tub, but I don't see why it would be a problem before the transfer. If I had a hot tub I'd go for it.

Good luck Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Nice. Congrats on making it past the 8mm checkpoint!! :)

IF Optimist, then... said...

So excited for your FET and wow it sounds great to have a clean garage. I'd say enjoy a little hot tubbing and if you get too hot, just drag your fanny out and sit with your feet and legs in for a while. After transfer though, no way Jose. Good luck and congrats on that 8mm lining!

Poppet said...

I am usually the one who says "go for it!" but I think that hot tubs have a lot of bacteria and I would wait. Opt for a warm bath (in your own home) instead. I'd err on the side of caution. Seemingly strange words coming from my mouth (or my fingertips).

Congrats on dealing with the 'rents! I manged 3 days without wanting to shoot my father-in-law.


C said...

Oh my goodness! Your FET is so close. Hoping and praying that this is your miracle :)

PCOStory said...

YAY! We are keeping our fingers crossed for you guys this cycle!