Thursday, January 14, 2010

I cried... (updated)

I cried last night after my injection. My derriere is so sensitive that even after being iced, Mr. Jem's sleeve against my bare bottom hurt, not to mention the actual shot and removal of said needle, which seems to hurt as much as the entrance.

BTW, we've discovered that it IS possible to ice for too long. Tuesday night was such one night. The oil didn't want to go into my body and there was a jet of blood after Mr. Jem removed the needle and before he could get the gauze pad from the table next to us (he now keeps the gauze closer AND we don't ice for as long).

Okay, I'm a pretty tough broad, but this is ridiculous. I feel like such a wimp. I should be able to take this. Actually, I can take this, pain and all. Because it's all about the end result. It doesn't hurt if I don't move. Walking sends shoots of pain down my ass, like there's a huge needle still in there.

Going in today at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific) to have Nurse IVF re-draw circles for my injection points. She wasn't the one to do it initially. Instead it was a novice nurse who kept prodding me and drawing and re-drawing the sites.

More acupuncture tonight. Hopefully it will help relax me.

My certitude of a positive result is slowly being eroded. I keep taking deep breaths and sending positive thoughts down there and throughout my body.

Saturday, damn you, where are you??!!


Update: In addition to the nightly PIO shots, I am doing Pro.metrium (spelling?) suppositories twice a day. Plus estrogen orally three times a day and once vaginally at night. We have ALL the bases covered!


Anonymous said...

Jem - do you think you're allergic to the PIO? I had bad reactions just like this to the peanut oil (it was hot, bumpy, and felt like my skin was being rubbed off by sandpaper), and similar but not as bad reactions to the sesame and olive oils. I had no bad reaction to the ethyloleate. Ask your RE if you can switch to suppositories so you can give yourself and your bum a break!

Tracey said...

After my first cycle, my clinic stopped using PIO and switched to vaginal inserts (I take Endometrim). While the discharge is horrendous (stock up on the panty liners), at least it isn't an injection. Maybe you could ask about it? They are pricier than PIO, but it's worth it. Only a couple days left!!! Come on, Saturday! Hurry up and get here!!

TeeJay said...

I'm so sorry you having a hard time. When I was doing my every day blood draws, I almost started crying a couple of times. The needles seemed to hurt more each time and especially when they had problems finding my veins. It's a sucky process and I'm really sorry you having a tough time. I'm hoping Saturday gets here fast. Also, like Tracey suggested, maybe they can switch you over to the suppositories? I didn't do PIO because my clinic didn't like them. (((hugs)))

Heather said...

Could the ice be making it worse? I never iced as I was afraid it would thicken up the oil too much (like oil gets in the fridge) and make it harder to disperse into the muscle. I used a heating pad actually to make the oil thinner and then heated my bum afterwards. Maybe give that a try? Maybe try 25 gauge needles?

Anonymous said...

I've heard that people used heating pads instead. Can you try that approach for the next one? I'm sorry it's becoming so painful!

AMC said...

You make my heart hurt for you! I am so sorry. I start injections in a couple weeks and you are scaring the bejeesus outta me! EEK! Hang in there sista!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Poor sweetie. I never iced and while it was uncomfortable afterward, it was never as painful as you describe. Great idea in having the nurse double-check the location, but also bring the needles you are using. We realized that we were sent the wrong gauge at one point.

Priscilla said...

OUCH!!! Your poor thing!! I know what you mean about the confidence being a hard thing to hold on to especially as time move on.....SO SLOWLY!!!!

Just two more days...YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Positive thoughts being sent your way!!!! Hope, hope, hope!!!! Fingers crossed and GOOD LUCK!!!!! :)

C said...

Eek! I'd maybe try heat instead of ice. I'm so sorry that you are hurting. It's so terribly unfair that we have to go through this. I'm still on both PIO and Crinone. ACK.

Hope you find some comfort and relaxation at acupuncture.

Nicole said...

Holy Crap Hun, you need to talk to you doc and have him change your prog administration. I know you said you are on the supps, but there are definitely ways to get around the IM injections!! I did them my first cycle and swore NEVER AGAIN!!! I had pain like you, and it lasted for five solid months after I stopped injections. Seriously, PLEASE demand a new admin method from your doc, at least as soon as you do the beta. I have done just supps, supps with oral, and vaginal gel. The gel was the best, and it's what I used on my recent BFP cycle. Ask about crinone gel! It's not as messy as the supps and it doesn't hurt a tiny bit. Seriously, I'm not sure why all docs insist the the injections are better because if you really probe them about it they will say that the other methods are just fine. Please at least ask, this is ridiculous. You shouldn't be in so much pain (not say you are a wuss by any means! Remember I abandoned the IM inj. I'm saying you have options). Good luck. Hurry up Saturday!!

Stacie said...

I feel your pain--litterally. Man my ass hurts!

A couple of things my clinic said was

1) to not ice before an injection because it made the oil lump and was more painful,
2) warm the syringe of oil in your hand before injection to make it thin down some,
3) use a heating pad and rub the area after injection to disperse the oil and prevent lumping,
4) if you have a lump, never inject into it, or OMG you will experience pain like no other!, and
5) there is also progesterone in ethyl oleate which is much thinner and easier/quicker to inject - it might prevent some of the reactions you are describing. Plus it is thin enough to use 25 gauge needles to inject it.

Hugs, Jem.

Fertility Chick said...

I think I cry over every injection - I hate needles that much. Will have to remember that note about icing though - I always do it before injections but didn't know that one could ice for too long. Hope that acupuncture helped tonight. Thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

oh you poor thing. Its hard to stay chirpy and positive when you are in such pain. I've never had the pio shots, I have always used suppositories so I am not qualified to give advice, but I hope you get some relief soon.
Hang in there honey. hugs.

Poppet said...

Hang in there Jem... 24 hours and it's Saturday.

I also agree... when I'm in pain, screw ice - gimme a hot bath instead.

T Lee said...

When I was doing the PIO, what helped more than icing (and I tried both) was- make sure the PIO is warm (it's 'thinner' that way), inject, and immediately slap on a heating pad. I had to stop using it after my first cycle because it hurt me too much... but that system made it a little more bearable.