Sunday, June 20, 2010

Progessing nicely

Yesterday's monitoring appointment was uneventful. 15 follies, biggest is just 16 mm, so I don't go back until Monday morning. E2 = 1,413. Lining: 7.9 mm.

It was a kid-filled weekend:

Mr. Jem had the boys over for Poker at our house on Friday night. I went out to dinner with a friend to one of those salad bar places, where you can get soup, pizza and dessert. Seems all the families in my town had the same idea. Lots and lots of kids there. Nice as there isn't too many babies/kids in my circle of friends.

Saturday night we had dinner at our neighbors' house. They have 4-year-old and a 10 month-old. Mr. Jem played soccer in the back yard with the older boy while I held the baby. It was pure bliss. THIS is why we are going through the hassle of IVF. It made me so happy to see Mr. Jem kicking the ball back and forth. He'll be such a great dad. And the baby felt so natural in my arms. Any doubts I had about babies (they have scared me in the past) melted away.

My sense of well-being persists. Hope is still in the house.



Rain Child said...

What great news on the monitoring appointment. Sounds like it has been a great weekend!

Fran said...

Hi! Stopping by from ICLW and wanting to wish you all the best for this cycle! It all sounds really good to me! Fran

ICLW #130

Adventures in Baby Waiting said...

Beautiful post Jem! Everything sounds like it's right on track! I am so excited to hear how things go today!

Ernie said...

This is starting as such a positive and hopeful cycle! It's great that you were able to enjoy you kid-filled weekend. Best wishes for the best cycle!

mommyinwaiting said...

Hope this morning's scan showed continued good news. It sounds as though it is all progressing exactly as you would hope. Really hoping for you.

callmemama said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend :). Congrats on a great monitoring appt!

TeeJay said...

All of your pieces are falling into place quite nicely. I'm very optimistic for you this time. Glad you had a nice a weekend and I will be awaiting another monitoring update!