Friday, June 4, 2010

A is for Anxiety

V is for the _Valium_ that Dr. W just OK'd and that I will take before my HSG on Monday, to deal with the anxiety. Thanks to all of you who posted your HSG stories. I will be sure to post mine!

Other big progress today:

1) I ordered my meds for this cycle through _Freedom_Fertility_Pharmacy. They were super nice on the phone. Out of pocket costs: $1,220.54 for my 30% co-pay.

2) Talked to the billing woman at the clinic today. We have a $10K lifetime max for infertility with my insurance, which will max out half-way through the cycle. Our out of pocket will be $377.82 towards the co-pay on what's covered, then $3,640 for the ICSI, and the embryo transfer with ultrasound. We knew this day would come, but still!

So, if my math is correct, our out-of-pocket is shaping up to be: $5,238.36, plus I'm sure we'll have extra amounts for Mr. Jem's Levo_quin, the _Valium, betas, etc.

3) I gave my boss a calendar showing which days I'll be in the office, when I expect to be in late, when I'll be on PTO (Paid Time off) and when I'll be working from home. He was glad to have that information and was sympathetic without giving any more assvice - he ended the conversation with a simple, "Good luck, Jem!"

This is feeling more and more real.


Brandy said...

I forgot to comment on your last post, but the HSG wasn't that bad for me. One big cramp and then it was over. I even did it over my lunch break and went back to work after.

Anonymous said...

I will second the "Good luck, Jem!".

Illanare said...

Wishing you good luck, too.

lis said...

hoping for you that this is an easy and successful cycle!

lis said...

i ust read on pie's blog about your hate for PIO. i am right there with you! failed our 2nd IVf last week and it was my first time with the PIO. it was terrible! i was soo tired and cranky-not to mention extra hungry=fat.
i had my last injection last saturday and in the past couple of days i grew larger bruises and welts where i was getting my shots. so weird.
thought i'll do it again and again if i have to.

建銘建銘 said...

Venture a small fish to catch a great one. ............................................................

Stacie said...

How did it go today?

N said...

I had an HSG in March and it was fine. I have had much worse IUI's! Good luck I hope yours goes well.