Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1st Monitoring appt.

After 4 days of stims - 225 IU of Folli.stim + 75 IU of Meno.pur (evil) - had my first monitoring appointment. Lining is still thin (3.81 mm), but that's to be expected as I just stopped bleeding and it's early on.

Follie count: 17!
  • Left side: 7, ranging from 6 to 8 mm
  • Right side: 10 from 5-12 mm
Had blood drawn, too, but won't know my e2 count until they call me in the afternoon.

I've been going to acupuncture twice a week - Monday and Thursdays. Last night I also had an abdominal massage, which was pretty intense. They want to make sure I'm getting as much blood circulating into my lady-parts as possible.

My spirits are really good. I've decided to "just relax" with this cycle and see what happens. Last time I actually stressed myself out trying to actively relax - I had the guided meditation CD that I listened to. I would do body scans, yoga, visualization, etc, etc. It got to be TOO MUCH! This time I know what's going to happen medically (although I was surprised about how much the Men.o.pur (evil) stung the first time). I'm taking the "chill" approach. We'll see how long that lasts!!

My next monitoring is on Thursday. Egg Retrieval is still tentatively scheduled for Wed the 23rd. (So soon!).



Circus Princess said...

YAY for 17 beautiful follicles! And it sounds like your chillaxed approach is the way to go :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, 17?! That's amazing! Sounds like things are going really well. I can't wait to hear your next update on Thursday!

Allison said...

Fingers crossed for you, Jem!

Michelle said...

Sounds great! I love relaxed and calm you sound. Can you share how? :)

TeeJay said...

That is a good follie count for a first appointment! And good for you for "relaxing". I so want to try accupuncture but my insurance won't cover it and it's pretty expensive. Drats. Good luck at your next appointment and I'm sending you lots of "grow follies, grow" vibes!

Melissa G said...

Wow I can't believe how quickly this is all coming together!

Can't wait to hear about your next scan.

Lorin said...

An abdominal scan during stims?? Ouch! I bet that was intense!

Good luck!

Pie said...

17!! That is great! Grow, little follies, grow big and strong (and uniformly)!!

And I think acu totally helps - I had my best cycles while doing acu.