Friday, April 30, 2010

More celebrity IVF babies

Work has been crazy, but crazy fun (for the most part). I do have time to keep up with some blogs, and some celebrity news. Just read that Mark McGrath of Sugar_Ray and his wife just had twins with IVF. Here's the article.

I also read that Sarah_Jessica_Parker said was considering more babies, despite having been criticised (?) for having used a surrogate. Criticized? Really?

I'm actually heartened to read about celebrities and their infertility. A couple of months ago People_Magazine had a cover story on Celine_Dion and her struggles to conceive. I think the more light is thrown on IF, the better. Hmmm. Let me amend that... The more (right) light is thrown on IF the better ... Octo_mom and Kate_G don't help the cause much.

On a more personal front, Mr. Jem had a chat with Dr. Johnson yesterday and they conferenced me in by phone so I could be in on the conversation. Dr. J was happy that Mr. Jem's count went up. He left it up to us to continue the Clo.mid, which we won't because of the lowered libido. Mr. Jem will start back up on testosterone gel again in a couple of months, after we do the next cycle, etc. This cycle we'll try on our own. next cycle, back to IVF. Yippee, fun!

That's all for now. Gotta get back to work!


myinfertilitywoes said...

Thanks for shining light on this, Jem.

I just read the Celine article... and then what comments people posted to the article - how unnecessarily hurtful & inconsiderate. I just can't get over it... I'm sure all of our hearts go out to her and her situation.

Good luck to you on your next steps!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was going to warn people against reading those comments as well. I don't understand why people are so judgmental and mean.

On the bright side, I agree that positive stories about IF are good! Famous people can help the cause, they should speak out more.

Priscilla said...

I totally agree with your stand. Real life IF needs to be brought to the scene and octomom and kate G. are the worst poster mom's EVER!!! Yuck!

Poppet said...

Good luck and have some fun this cycle!