Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Announcement: New IVF baby

In contrast to my last post, I got very happy news of an IRL friend who just had a baby boy after years of IF (PCOS + MF), including multiple IUIs and 1 IVF.

She's been a real source of support (and commiseration) and I am so happy for her.

And, yes, she already named the boy!



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Priscilla said...

Great news!! :)

northern lights said...

It's funny- as happy as I am for her I was thinking just this evening how I'm happier for moms who struggled as we did/do ... I know it's not right, every baby should be a celebration, but during my years of sadness & longing I exempted IVF moms from my general hatred of new moms (even though I had no way of knowing if the woman I passed in the grocery store was an IVF veteran or not). Make sense? But yes, wonderful news- may there be more of it.