Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mock transfer

Today's mock transfer with Dr. W went well. No problems at all getting the catheter in there. Apparently my cervix has one little spot that is tricky to maneuver through. He got it mapped out and we're good to go!

I just hope and pray that Dr. W will be doing the transfer, which is currently projected to be on or around January 7.


Meds arrived today. Kinda annoyed because the IVF coordinator promised a calendar outlining exactly when I take everything, but has yet to send it.

Here's what was in the box:
- Methyl.prednisolone - anti-inflammatory and so my body does not reject the embies
- Doxy.cycline - antibiotic to take before and day of transfer
- Progesterone in both forms - in oil and suppository. Double the fun.
- Syringes with needles of various sizes: 18 gauge to suck the progesterone in oil into the syringe and 22 gauge, mercifully with a smaller needle for the actual injection. Neither Mr. Jem or I are looking forward to the injections

Right now I'm taking 2 mg of estrogen orally three times a day. As my period is slowing down, I get to shove one of the estrogen pills up my lady-parts starting this evening. Super fun! Dr. W assures me this really get the uterine lining to do it's thing. Have to get it to 8 mm or is it cm? What's with the metric systems, anyway? It's too confusing to go back and forth between inches and cm.

Okay, rant over.

I'm feeling very hopeful for this FET.


P.S. I've been totally craving caffeine lately. I broke down and had a decaf latte the other day. I made it full fat. Apparently full fat dairy is the way to go for fertility.


Heather said...

Full fat dairy sounds good to me!

I think it's 8mm, at least I hope so, as mine was 9.5mm in the middle of my IVF cycle. Glad your mock transfer went well. No lupron for you this cycle? Lucky you! I start that next week. No oral or vaginal estrogen suppositories for me. I get to do the IM injections, which have me a bit worried given how thick it looks. Well...hopefully this will be worth it for both of us!

Take care.

'Murgdan' said...

Hooray! Cheering you on to 8mm. Enjoy the estrogen!

C said...

Glad to hear that the mock transfer went so well. Lots of thoughts and prayers that this cycle is it! Getting so close. Several people left comments on my blog for tips and tricks for the IM PIO injections, which I found very helpful.

Lots of love and best wishes in the new year!!!

egghunt said...

Oh how exciting, the drugs have arrived!!! Yes it is 8mm that they'd be looking for your lining to be around.
Good luck, I will be crossing absolutley everything for you for this FET. IT WILL BE THE ONE.

callmemama said...

Full fat is totally the way to go for fertility! That's why I have ice cream so often :).

Glad the mock transfer went well - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Dr. W is the one to do the transfer!

Stacie said...

Hey, I like the idea of a full fat diet, too!

Glad the mock transfer went well. Fingers crossed!

Lin said...

Good luck with the upcoming FET...pulling for you all the way! Enjoy the full fat diet, too! Can't go wrong there!


StacyandChad said...

Praying the FET is a success! Can't wait to hear the results!


[cre] said...

Good luck with the FET!!!!


Poppet said...

Good luck! I'm not big on needles either, but you'll manage.

misterivf said...

Wow - so close. Good luck! Mrs IVF has given me this full fat milk malarkey as well. We settled on 2% (i am a fat free fan). I declare it malarkey as I have only heard it from her, but well, it does make sense. Damn that metric system, lets just hope you dont get 8ft of lining - that would be one huge uterus walking around (although probably quite healthy for implanting)

freshfreerange said...

OMG! NOT full fat! I mean, once in a while is okay, especially when you need that comforting lift. But a friend of mine went full fat for the full nine months and now she's got a tire around her waist that isn't going away. Believe me, it's not pretty. She gained waaay too much weight for a normal pregnancy. Plus, it increases your cholesterol level. Ugh. Just my viewpoint, ladies.