Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Parties


There were a ton of kids at the holiday parties I went to this weekend. It was surprisingly easy, tho. I felt relaxed and happy around them. Slightly jealous, yes. Wondered if the parents would notice if I took one of the little ones home with me..



Nicole said...

Haha, I'm glad you dealt well. DH and I too have joked about 'stealing' other people's kids. Especially his sisters- DH and she look exactly alike (minus being different genders), so her kids look so much like him. Whenever we go in public with them (even if SIL is around) people think they are ours! DH even has a pic of us with one of them on FB and some old friends thought my nephew was ours. We could snatch one and everyone would believe it (well, ecxept for DH's fam. We would have to move out of state or something to try and escape them, lol).
But on a more serious note- I'm really glad you did well at the parties. Good for you :)

Mad Hatter said...

Good for you for being happy and relaxed! And as tempting as it is, I have faith you won't need to steal - you will have your very own to be jealous of next year! Very hopeful for your FET this month!

C said...

You handle things so much better than I do. I still avoid parties and events with pregnant women and small children. Wish I had some of your great attitude :)