Friday, October 16, 2009

They're heeeeeeeere!!

The FedEx guy just delivered a box full of meds! I snapped this picture and rushed the Folli.stim and Ovi.drel to the fridge.

I was so nervous that the meds wouldn't come and afraid that we'd have to delay, again!

This morning Mr. Jem and I attended our IVF course. There was an awkward moment when I looked over at a couple sitting in the waiting room and it was our mortgage broker with her husband. Mutually awkward, at least

Haven't decided if Mr. Jem or I will be be giving the Folli.stim and Meno.pur injections... Tonight Mr. Jem has Poker Night, and I have pizza and Wii girls night. We're going to do our injections early, tonight only. Our IVF coordinator said it was OK for one time.

I'm really, really excited. I slept so badly last night. I had a huge stress headache, like a band of molten lava across my temples. It didn't help that work has been really stressful. One of my colleagues took over two weeks off and I've been covering for him. He'll be back on Monday. I just need, want to lower my stress level. I think I'll be better once we ice down my belly, mix the drugs and inject!!

Wow, this is really happening!


Simple said...

Hi - just recently found your blog. Congrats on gettings started.. by day 3, you'll be a pro at the shots. It's really crazy! Good luck - I'll be following. :)

jenicini said...

Yay the drugs {hehe} are here!

irrationalexuberance said...

Yay! I got my box o' fun today too. I don't start until next thursday (yippee -- more waiting!), but I was weirdly excited about it. Frankly, I just want to get the damned show on the road.

GOOD LUCK with the first one -- I'm rooting for painless and un-traumatic!

Circus Princess said...

Yay! Good luck! The first is the worst, you'll be a pro in no time :)

Illanare said...

Hooray for starting!! Good luck :-)

Pie said...

I hope it went well with the first shots last night. I always liked giving my own shots, it hurt less somehow. I thought it was like ripping off a band-aid - it hurts less when you do it yourself versus someone else doing it.

I'm very excited that you have begun!