Saturday, October 17, 2009

1st shot: let the magic begin!

Last night Mr. Jem and I mixed magical potions. We twisted the special pen, click, click, click until the perfect numbers showed on the dial. We broke seals, then carefully measured fluid and added it to powder before sucking the whole mixture into a vial. Screwing the right needle on, we were ready to go!

After a brief icing of that special place just south of my belly button, I averted my eyes and Mr. Jem plunged the needle into my fat (I'm glad to have gained a little weight lately). I could hear him counting, "One, two, three... five! I'm so sorry!" and out came the needle. The deed was done.

It wasn't that bad. Actually, having my blood drawn earlier in the week hurt more. I was mostly scared. In fact, right before the injection I was just about to tell Mr. Jem, "Forget about it! Let's just NOT do this..." but I know I am courageous and could do it.

I'm actually looking forward to tonight's injection. All this seems like sacred ritual to call down a baby to us! If I thought it would help to paint a pentagram on the floor and light black candles, I would! (not really, but you know what I mean!!)

Last night my injection "cherry" was popped. It's merciful to be starting with Folli.stim and Meno.pur rather than Progesterone in oil, isn't it?

How was your first injection experience?



jenicini said...

Just stick and go! It gets lots easier. I take perverse pleasure in sticking myself now. :D I'm glad it wasn't too bad.

Lin said...

Love the play-by-play...ver fitting so close to Halloween, too! :-) Glad it was wasn't too bad! Glad you're on your way, too!!

Circus Princess said...

Congrats on popping that cherry :-) Will take my last shot tonight and then it's off for retrieval on Tuesday, woohoo!

'Murgdan' said...

I was so excited for injection time. I looked forward to it every day because I knew it was the only action I could take towards a baby. It was the only little thing I could do. I lived for those few minutes! Congrats on getting started!

Pie said...

It does get so much easier - soon you'll be in restaurant bathrooms and on the side of the road shooting up. We've all been there!

So glad you are moving forward!!

irrationalexuberance said...

Phew -- This making me feel much much better, since the Boy and I just planned discussed who is going to do what starting Thursday. Thanks!Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Wow, good for you!!! You are a brave woman! I hope the ritual works and brings you the BFP soon.

Courtney said...

Just found your blog. Got to love the "no pain, no gain" slogan!!