Thursday, January 27, 2011

6dp5dt: Moxa

Thank you all for your encouraging comments on yesterday's post. Getting my feelings out there really helped me process them and now I feel I can actually free up some of my little gray cells to focus on other things, like work (that pays my mortgage and insurance) and actually enjoy work! I love what I do and have lost sight of that over the last couple of months. I feel a little panicked right now because I've allowed myself to get behind on projects. Nothing to do but jump right back in, right?

Tonight I leave work early to go to acupuncture. At my last appointment he could tell right away that I wasn't doing my moxa enough. I had only done it once a day, rather than twice. That scared me and I got Mr. Jem to be more supportive (he thinks it's all hooey) and have been doing the moxa religiously at  home. 

What's moxa? I thought I had posted a whole thing on this for a previous cycle and would able to just point you there, but alas I could not find the post (where did it go?). So moxa is...

I like the way this website described it (click to see a picture of what it looks like):

"Moxibustion is the application of heat to a specific area or point on the body. Along with acupuncture needles, moxibustion has become an integral part of the Oriental system of medicine. The term 'moxibustion' is derived from the Japanese 'Moe Kusa', meaning 'burning herb'. Moxa is obtained from the herbal plant 'Arternisia Vulgaris', also commonly called mugwort."

The important thing is that moxa is supposed to bring additional blood flow to the uterus. 

Okay, back to work!



Anonymous said...

I used to do moxa to help with endo pain - it's awesome!

I have chronic cold hands and feet despite having good thyroid and adrenal function, and my acupuncturist says bringing heat to the uterus can help my circulation in general. Pretty neat, huh?

Plus, it's relaxing, I think :).

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like something I need for my endo. I might have to ask my acupuncturist about that. I hope you are doing better today.

Thinking of you and sending good vibes for Monday.

tishi said...

Moxa works works works!!! I see it work all the time for various things, especially turning babies and growing babies! Keep your eye on the prize, your doing an awesome job!

Adele said...

I like the idea of applied heat (especially in the frigid weather we're having in NYC) and find it fascinating that he was able to tell. My husband thinks it's all hooey, as well. But, really, who can tell?

Anonymous said...

My acupuncturist was a big fan of the moxa, too. She also used a warm heat lamp to encourage blood flow to the ute.

Thinking of you and sending you my best positive vibes (for your general mood and the cycle result!) for Monday. xoxo

mekate said...

thinking of you and your little ones on-board and HOPING HOPING HOPING that this is the last 2 week wait you ever have to have (of course, you can always choose to do more)-
your embryos look beautiful, and I am all about the acupuncture and moxabustion (I never did the moxa but have heard great things).

and, I had no symptoms at all, and was truly pregnant so, here's hoping that the same is going to be true for you.

crossing my everythings for you,

Melissa G said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.

Sending you all kinds of good vibes!

tishi said...

You didn't mess it up, any amount of moxa will help :)

MelissaP05 said...

Stopping by from ICLW. Just wanted to wish you the best in the last few days of the 2ww. You've been through alot and I hope those two little girls are settling in for the long haul. Best Wishes for your BFP!

Christa said...

Ugh, I hated the moxa treatments, they smell like weed! And I lived on a military base so I would have to air out my car before showing the guards my military ID to get on base. Thank God they never suspected anything!

Anonymous said...

My husband thinks the whole acupuncture things is hooey too! They should get together and rant because I am tired of hearing about how "hoo-a-rific" it all is.

My fingers are crossed for you!

Marissa said...

Man, I wish I'd known about this!

Oh well, maybe next time. (For siblings, if I'm lucky.)

Hang in there...we're almost to beta!

Allison said...

Hope you had a better day, Jem, and that the acupuncture and moxa help you relax (and get that blood flowin' to those lovely little girls!) (((Hugs))))