Friday, November 27, 2009


I cooked up a storm yesterday and brought it over to my wonderful Auntie's house. She and her husband were the ones who picked Mr. Jem and I up from the clinic the day of ER and Mr. Jem's biopsy, when both of us were recovering. My aunt S, my mother's sister, is the most dear person to me on the planet. She never had a child, despite trying to adopt after marrying T in her early 40s. She knows the heart-break we are going through. I love her to death. I'm so grateful to have her in my life.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch. My grandma was there. She's 94, almost 95, with dementia. She's such a sweety. When I come to visit she lights up. No one on this planet loves me like she does. I'm her only grandchild. Again, I'm so grateful to have her in my life.

I fell asleep really early yesterday and woke up at midnight, unable to sleep until 4:30 a.m. Slept in and then went to the gym. I've been going regularly the last week, and my muscles are super sore after months of babying them. It feels good to be physical.

Speaking of grateful, I'm so happy to have all of YOU, interwebenauts, in my life. Thanks for all the support, thanks for sharing your stories, your troubles, your joys.



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your family sounds amazing. My grandma and I have a special bond's such a blessing.

Hope you have a great weekend!

C said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Yay for being surrounded by understanding family.

Thinking of you!

Circus Princess said...

Back at you!

Sounds like you had a pretty great Thanksgiving :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, so nice you saw your grandmother and the bond you two have.
Hello from IComLeavWe

jenicini said...

I want to hug your auntie and grandma simply for being so good to you! Glad you had a great day!