Monday, October 24, 2011

October IComLeavWe

Welcome new and returner readers!

It's still quite amazing to type: I'm pregnant. 

I'm just 13 weeks and have started telling people at work, and my friends that we are expecting. I'm still a bit in shock and have moments of complete denial about this whole thing. It's joyous and scary all at the same time.

I have a long bullet list explaining our journey (see link above) to walk you through our 3 IVFs and 1 FET. It was only when we resorted to donor sperm and medicated IUI that we find ourselves pregnant. 

When I was in my 20s I used to be very irritated by the "We're pregnant!" thing, but now I totally get it. Only our "we" encompasses a whole bunch of people: me, my husband, the sperm donor, our RE, the IUI coordinator, the on-call RE, the IVF lab, various people who have drawn my blood, then finally our OB and his crew, and a perinatal clinic. So, "We're pregnant!" says it all!

I want to leave you with what I did yesterday with my husband and a dear friend (no, not that! Get your mind out of the gutter!)

We went here and got to see these guys up close:

Did you know a group of giraffes are called a "Tower of Giraffes?"

Question: What have you done or seen lately that took your breath away?



Mo and Will said...

Yay!! You're pregnant!! In fact you're VERY pregnant!! Happy ICLW : )

You're in my blogroll and have been for a long time, but nice to have an extra excuse to stop by.


Kristina said...

I can imagine what you mean, wanting to celebrate with everyone who was part of getting you here. 13 weeks, size of a peach, amazing! Thanks for sharing the cute baby giraffe. :)

b said...

yay for being 13 weeks! i remember being *so* nervous and hesistant about telling people..because you know, then it's out there and everyone knows. just prepare yourself for the barrage of advice and tips!

what takes my breath away? watching my DH interacting with his daughter...and seeing the undescribable amount of love he has for her. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy ICLW :) My husband makes fun of me when I refer to a pregnant couple as "they're" pregnant. I think maybe he will understand more when it's our turn.. or maybe not.. who knows! Glad to pop over and see some good news!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The second trimester is one of the happiest milestones.
I'm not an official ICLW participant this month but I just came across your blog and it turns out that we are just around a couple of weeks apart.
Wishing you a smooth and happy pregnancy!

Sooz said...

Yay for 13 weeks!! Doesn't it feel great. It seems so surreal and yet, it's really happening!

Poppet said...

Call me old fashioned, but I never once said "we're pregnant". We're expecting - yes, but take credit where it's due. YOU are pregnant. Everyone else is a passenger... enjoy the ride in the driver's seat.

Take my breath away? Driving into NYC and seeing the skyline with someone who hadn't seen it coming in from New Jersey before. It really is breathtaking to see what human beings can create.