Monday, October 3, 2011

10w1d: sinus headache

Wow, it's been over a week since I last posted ... work has been very busy. I had another major training workshop that I led last week. It went really well and I actually got a compliment from the boss. "Jem, you did a great job this week. You deserve some time off." Nice, huh? 

Note: Pregnancy symptoms ahead, so you don't have read unless you want to. I won't be offended.

On the not so fun side, I threw my back out last Sunday (2 trips to the Chiro and I feel better). I actually started reading a pregnancy book - What to Expect - and they said lower back pain is normal post-orgasm, especially in the first trimester. I hope I didn't jinx this pregnancy by reading a pregnancy book.

Plus I've been getting wicked sinus headaches lately - two in the last 4 weeks. These are "I want to stab myself in the head" type headaches. Really bad. I have taken Tyl.enol because the pain was so bad. I bought a humidifier today after work. I plan on using my Neti.pot to clean out my sinus naturally with saline. I also have a really sore throat so much so that I left work early and came home and took a nap. I plan on working from home tomorrow. I have been a bit dizzy and tired.

Not that I'm complaining! Au contraire! I couldn't be happier to be nauseated, tired and dizzy. The sinus thing is less cool. Still not complaining, tho!!!

Can't wait until Thursday - first official OB scan. Yippee! Hopefully we'll have a clear plan of what's next, further testing - CVS, perhaps?

Question: I'm thinking of purchasing a prenatal doppler and need advice. Are there certain brands that you in cyberland can recommend? What have you used and liked?



Jessica Anne said...

I bought a doppler from E-bay for $60. It wasn't a name brand or anything but it worked just fine. I think I was able to hear the HB around 12 weeks and it definitely gave me a lot of peace of mind between appoitments.

Jess said...

Sinus trouble was my only pregnancy symptom and it lasted the entire 9 months. My OB allowed me to take Sudafed and it was the only thing that really helped. Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

No advice on Doppler, but just stopping by to tell you how thrilled I am for you and Mr. Jem. I hate back trouble. I hope it doesn't last very long.

I hope things go well later this week. Trust me, I'll be checking my computer compulsively!

Gurlee said...

Ouch, those sinus headaches sound painful, I hope they stop. Good luck later this week, keep us posted!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Pregnancy sinusitis sucks! My humidifier and those nose strips got me through last time.

A doppler is a great idea. I'm sorry I can't recommend a brand. I rented mine last time, and it was a sanity saver. Every time I got a little freaked out, I could just find that little woosh-woosh and all seemed better.

Adele said...

The sinus thing sounds awful - this happened to a friend, around the same time. I hope in your case that it passes quickly.

I have the Sonoline B Pocket Fetal Doppler. Worth every cent. My doctor tried to dissuade me but on several dark nights it has meant the difference between panic and peace of mind, and I haven't regretted getting it for an instant (though, as you probably know, it can be hard to use especially in the beginning so you have to promise yourself not to get upset if it takes you awhile to find the heartbeat).

marilyn said...

you can complain..please do not feel guilty..your body is going through a lot and is not all peachy! Your body is super sensitive to colds and such, so be careful and it is great you are taking care of yourself. I bought a doppler and is was never know if it is your own pulse, plus it may make you go a little neurotic if you do not hear the heartbeat. anyways..congrats!!

Jill said...

I got one for $40 - Angelsounds. It worked great starting at 11 or 12 weeks I think. Don't bother buying the goo - lotion or even just water will work. I'm sure you will love it. Be forewarned though, baby heartrates can sound erratic sometimes. One night mine did and I panicked until I googled and found out that happens. It was fine the next day and every other time.

Sooz said...

Please complain, that way I don't feel so alone! :)

I hope that those sinus headaches go away or at least you find some relief through the neti pot and/or humidifier.

Oh, and I also started reading some pregnancy books!

Melissa G said...

Hooray for 10 weeks!

Sorry to hear about your sinuses I had a few sinus induced migraines... Not fun. I did the same things you have. The only other thing I would add is using a heating pad on your face for short periods of time. It helps loosen things up so they can drain properly. Maybe a good thing to do before the neti pot.

I would also highly recommend getting a doppler. It's so important to have that peace of mind before you can feel movement. I was lucky enough to have another local blogger buddy loan me hers, I think it's a Sonoline. I still use it, but it's mostly to feel closer to the baby now and not as much to ease bouts of terror. =)

So excited for you!

Two Kayaks said...

I bought this one when I was pregnant with the twins. It gave me SUCH peace of mind through the pregnancy to know that they were safe and healthy. One of the previous comments states that you can't tell if the heartbeat is yours or the baby's. Adult heartbeats are quite slow compared to babies' heartbeats. I could always tell where my son was and where my daughter was in utero. No problems distinguishing my heartbeat from theirs at all.
I agree with the above poster that you don't have to invest in the gel. I used aloe vera gel from the drug store and it worked great.