Thursday, October 6, 2011

10w5d: Questions for OB (updated)

I have my first OB visit today at 11:30 (Pacific). I already have a list of questions for Dr. L, but want and need your input.

Testing: what's next? CVS test?
Fetal Doppler: okay to buy one?
Vitamins: I'm bringing a bag in with everything I'm taking. Do I need to add back in Vitamin D?
Sinus headaches: anything else I can do?
Sex: is it really OK?

Am I missing any important question to ask? Please help me with anything I might have forgotten!!


Scan went well. Baby is moving around - could even see him/her waving at us! Only frustration was that that Dr. L got a brand new u/s machine and didn't know how to use it properly yet to do measurements. Only got one picture (super cute, tho):

I asked him about the doppler and he said that he didn't think they were worth the investment unless you buy a $200-500 machine. Said you only hear your intestines.

Vitamins: His nurse sent me home with a bag full of prenatal vitamin samples.

Scans: he doesn't do them, instead gave us options at the Perintologist downstairs from his office.


S said...

Most OBs will tell you the majority of what you need to know at the first visit without prompting. (For example, mine gave me some printouts with nutritional suggestions and approved OTC medications, as well as a schedule of when you'd have visits and could schedule screening tests.)

Good luck with your appointment! :-)

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I would ask about a nuchal translucency screen before going to CVS. While small, there is a risk of bleeding and even m/c with CVS and amnio. A NT scan is just an in depth ultrasound, and will indicate if further testing is required.

Marissa said...

Yeah, I agree. NT and a quad screen would be my first things--CVS and amnio are both intrusive. You can ask for the insurance codes to call your company and see what they're going to cover as well.

You might want to ask for a list of "call when...", like when to call and when to just wait for the next appointment. You might also want to ask about any medications (or flu shots, or whatever) you should or should not take.

Stuff like who will deliver you, how many doctors share a call, c-section rate...if that's important to you, it's worth finding out sooner rather than later.

EXCITED for you!!!!

Babylicious said...

Just a little thought about the doppler---I had one my SIL got (Amazon, under $50) and it worked great past 12 weeks. Sometimes it took work but I could always find it--and it really really helped me until he started moving. My BIL is a doctor and told her they didn't need an expensive one. I can dig it out and look up the brand if you're interested.

Heather said...

I did the NT scan and sequential screening and based on those results didn't proceed with an amniotic or CVS.

I highly recommend the sonoline b Doppler if you decide to get one. I am a bit neurotic and used it all the time. I picked up E's heart beat after 11 weeks. (And it sounded nothing like my intestines!) It was only about $60 and was worth every penny.

Kakunaa said...

I am so glad to see that lovely waving little bub! Yay!!!!

Adele said...

So glad the scan went well, Jem (though, frustrating about the measurements). Good about the prenatals - do they have DHA in them? That's one thing to check (if not, ask about supplementing with fish oil capsules).

In terms of the doppler, it truly depends. My doctor also tried to dissuade me, mostly because he thought I would lose my marbles if I had a hard time finding the heartbeat (and there were times when it took a few minutes). But I'm still glad I got it. A few caveats - early on, it can be particularly tough to pick up the whump whump. And my understanding is that if you have a tilted uterus, it can be a bit tricky and frustrating. But my cheapie worked fine...especially because I promised myself - and observed that promise - that I would only use it every few days. (Otherwise, I can see it becoming quite obsessive).

Anonymous said...

My perinatologist is cool with me having a doppler, she didn't give me the "you'll drive yourself nuts" speech. A friend sent me hers, it's an inexpensive (even for a home use) one. I'm 19w and still can't find the baby's hb. I can find my own hb in the placenta like it's my job, but the baby's hb eludes me. And he was alive as of yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I can feel him moving from time to time, so it's definitely the doppler that's the problem.