Friday, October 14, 2011

11w4d: CVS test

We went in to the Perinatologist for genetic counseling (third time is a charm!), followed by a CVS test.

(Warning! U/S pictures below...)

First, we got to see Junior on their a really really good u/s machine. Here are the newest pictures of Junior, including one in 3D (fancy, huh?):

Okay, the 3D picture is a little weird looking. The Tech said, "All babies at this stage look like aliens - big heads and Buddha bellies." Junior is no exception.

The CVS procedure was mercifully short. I liked the doctor who did the procedure. When he asked me how old I was and I answered "41" he replied, "Took you long enough." And then quickly added, "I can only say that because my wife and I started at 39." Next he had Mr. Jem and I laughing about being asked why our kid brought his/her grandparents to graduation (get it?). Okay, not everyone appreciates sarcastic humor, but Mr. Jem and I do and it helped lighten the atmosphere.

This all to relax me so when he stuck me with the scary-ass super long (12 inches?) needle (after swabbing my belly with soy sauce, I mean iodine, and numbing the site) I wouldn't jump out of my skin. The procedure didn't really hurt until he penetrated the uterus and he had to plunge the needle in and out to collect the villus of the placenta. Luckily it was over in about 15 seconds, but I was squeezing the heck out Mr. Jem's hand the whole time. 

The full results will take 10 calendar days to process. Luckily we can get quick results by Monday to find out if Junior has the most common genetic disorders like Down Syndrome, and find out the gender! I'll know by Monday! How exciting is that?

Best part of the appointment, other than hearing the heartbeat - 160 bpm - and seeing Junior measuring all big (12w - just over 2") and healthy (no thickening of the neck), was that I didn't even have to take my pants off!



Miranda said...

First off- what a BEAUTIFUL baby little Junior is! I am thrilled for you. Have only been following a short while but love your blog and have cried at each of your recent posts. May I ask a seemingly stupid question? I have my first u/s scheduled for next week, but am wondering how you get these pics? Do you take them on your phone, or do they give you digital copies then and there? Thanks! xx

Jem said...


Thank you for the compliment!

This time I got a CD with the pictures loaded on them. The other appointments I was given a paper printout of the u/s pics and either scanned them or took a picture with my black.berry.

Heather said...

Oh jem Junior is gorgeous! Thats so awesome that things went well. Take it easy this weekend,

Heather said...

So glad things went well!

Marissa said...

Isn't getting ultrasounds with pants on the awesomest??? So civilized!

Hoping for stellar results on Monday! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Oooh, gender results! Can't wait!

b said...

yay!! so happy to hear that things are going well.

Mrs. Misfits said...

The dream of keeping pants on during an ultrasound! You have arrived my dear. I am glad thing went smoothly and I am excited to see the pics here.

Poppet said...

It's simply amazing how far technology has come in such a relatively short time. I asked my Dad about the doppler - he said that you might as well get the old-fashioned thing they used to put on tummies to listen to the heart beat (I always thought they looked like funnels with an earpiece). Amazing you can get a 3D image. Our early sonos look like a fuzzy smudge.

northern lights said...

I have been thinking of you & praying for you & not knowing whether I wanted to read the blog because you have been through more heartbreak than anyone should ever have. But I screwed up the nerve tonight to see this and I am.... whatever the typing equivalent of speechless is. Gobsmacked? Fingers and toes crossed and all fertility totems in my corner of the world pointed west. LOVE to You & Mr. Jem ---xo