Saturday, October 15, 2011

African fertility statue

I just realized that I promised to tell you the story of the African fertility statue.

My colleague, JB, is younger than me, with two daughters. The other day this statue was on his desk.

It's from Africa and clearly shows a woman with a huge head, earrings, outstretched arms, a necklace, breasts and then an abstract design for her hoo-ha (I think).

He explained that it was given to him when he had his wife were trying to conceive their first child, and it had helped him with their second child, too. He'd given it to a friend (who had a daughter) who was only returning it now.

I just stood there, holding the statue in my hands when he said, "Better be careful, this is pretty strong juju!"

I pretended to be startled, and laughed and set it down (reluctantly). Oh, how I wanted to tell him that it must have already worked on me!

Question: Have you been give or do you have any fertility statues, totems, or other symbols to help you conceive?



TurtleMama said...

My uncle gave me 2 West African fertily "dolls" that he got when he was in the Peace Corps. They have been in the attic of their house since the 1980's and they have 4 children, even into their late 30's so I think it works. I have them in my room now and while they are scary looking, I think it has helped!

JW Moxie said...

Hmm...for my last transfer as a gestational surrogate, a coworker let to me her "fertility necklace," which 16 years ago had helped her conceive her second daughter, she said. Who am I to turn down some good mojo?

"Mojo" my ass - that MOFO didn't work.


Breen said...

Google Ripley fertility statue. They travel from one ripley's to the next. Hubby and I were in Orlando a few months ago and we both touched the statue but no luck yet. so not so sure

~Jess said...

My mother in law picked us up a turquoise scarab when they were in Egypt....don't think it had much to do with anything.

Poppet said...

In Norway they don't do baby showers. Giving baby gifts of any kind before a baby is born is thought to jinx it.(Hand me downs like cribs, etc. are OK). Many of them don't actually name their babies until the baptism, or keep it a surprise! Different cultures have different ways of looking at things, for sure! :-)

Jill said...

Yes! My mom bought me a little vase that the woman told her was for infertility. It is painted with similar-looking women. I kept me chap stick in it that I use every night before bed. It worked! :)

Brookes4boys said...

I am a gestational surrogate and the last couple that I carried for had a little stone that had been passed around about 5 infertile couples, who had all had success, before being given to my IPs. It sat on their bedside table for about two months and we had success! Healthy B?G twins. Not sure what they are going to do with it now, but hopefully it will be passed on to help someone else