Friday, August 27, 2010

Painting the Town Sober

Last night was fun. Super fun. Now I realize that the majority of the "hangovers" I've had in the past have more to do with sleep-deprivation than from alcohol. Okay, that's exaggerating, but you get the point. I'm tired today, but from being out late.

The guys totally bought the "I'm on antibiotic" ploy. Of course, one said, "I always ignore those warnings." Another said, "I limit myself to 2 drinks when I'm on antibiotics." But that was the extent of it. Instead, I got to watch them get all silly and drunk without the filter of me doing it too.

We started out at the home of one of my work-mates, B. He has a fabulous flat in the Castro neighborhood of SF. It's all Victorian and decorated beautifully. I met his cat, Coco, who is adorable and so much tinier than our Sharkey (who weighs 18 lbs). They drank bourbon, very good bourbon. We all snacked on artisan sliced meats, cheese, and hummus. We gave B, the colleague who is leaving our group, a beautiful framed picture of  the team and a silly kung-fu hamster that makes silly noises to replace one that wore out years ago. I've worked with B for over 9 years. That's a long time. That's also why I couldn't blow off the outing.

Around 8 p.m. we trekked down to this restaurant for dinner. Totally yummy. Then off this hip bar to rub shoulders with twenty-something hipsters and laugh uproariously and act silly some more.

Only bummer was splitting up the bill equally when I didn't have any part of the bottle of wine or an expensive entree at dinner. I chalk that up to the price of the outing. Like paying for entertainment.

I was home around 11:45 p.m. Not too late or too bad. Mr. Jem was funny when I got home. First thing he asked me was, "Did you drink?" I said, "No, plus you asked me not to and I said I wouldn't" and then laid a big smackeroo on him to prove the point.

On the TTC* front, it's CD 17 and no O. Tomorrow?


*I hate the word "try" so "TTC" or "Trying To Conceive" will become "TTC" or just plain "C" or "Conception"


One Who Understands said...

Good girl! Now your body is all prepped and ready for the big O.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fabulous night!!! I love the Castro, and I have never had a bad night there.

Wow, I didn't realize that Sharkey was so big...2 pounds bigger than Em!

I hope your weekend is just as fun!!

Kakunaa said...

Did they make you be DD? I'm glad it went well, though it can be hard to be the sober person around a bunch of messed up dudes. Hoping you O soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

I lived in the Castro when I lived in SF. Your post made me homesick - I was a regular at Home--it was actually where I had my final dinner out before moving to L.A. And now, bring on the Big O!

tishi said...

I love good food and good friends, and I also love the "antibiotic" excuse :) It saved my life!!! haha.

Way to stick to your guns and have a great O!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great night out. I have only been to San Francisco a couple of times but every time I don't want to leave! Good for you, for not drinking even when everyone else was. It gives you a different perspective, doesn't it?

Kakunaa said...

I changed my URL and am trying to spread the word :)