Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy ICLW!

In transition... that's where I am right now... best describes our situation after 2 failed IVF (+ 1 FET). After the last IVF I swore I wouldn't do it again, but we will give it one more go with a new doc and clinic. I haven't given up hope (okay, I gave it up and then took it back in my heart!!).

If you are new to my blog, my story is in the long list to the right. In brief, I'm 40, we're MFI, but my age is a factor, too. I picked the name of this blog because there are some days that I REALLY want a baby, a child. I know I'll be a great mom. Other days, I get discouraged and get all "sour grapes" around this and think, "I can't have a baby? Didn't want one, anyway!!" Boo-hoo, poor me!

That said, I do want a baby, a child. I know it won't be all roses and I still want/need to have a bigger family. Bigger than just Mr. Jem, Sharkey (our fur-baby) and me.



Anonymous said...

Hi via ICLW! I lived in SF for 11 years before moving to LA, and miss it terribly! Anyway, I'll definitely be following your story.

TeeJay said...

I feel that same way a lot of times, too. I just wish we could move on to more treatments. I'm glad you got your hope back and I hope you are greatly rewarded for it. Do you have your 2nd opinion lined up, yet?

Anonymous said...

I say that all the time. "Well yeah? I didn't want a baby anyway. Take THAT uterus." A complete defense mechanism. :)

Anonymous said...

ICLW - It's hard to know what to do next - how many IVF procedures should you try or what about donor eggs, etc. It can't hurt to get a 2nd opinion.

Speaking as someone who adopted,there are no guarantees as to the health of an infant - whether you give birth or not.