Tuesday, July 6, 2010

9dp3dt: "Operation Distraction"

Symptoms? Sore b00bs. Had some nausea this morning, but realized it was probably my vitamin pill (Darn!). 

Beta day is Thursday. Part of me wants to POAS, but the other part of me doesn't. Total Good Angel / Bad Angel thing...

I will resist for the meantime. I know that those pee sticks are pure evil.

"Operation Distraction" is going swimmingly.

Friday I had a girl's night with two friends, one of whom has a 4-m-o daughter. I got lots of quality cuddle time with the baby, which HAS to be good juju.  Right?

Saturday Mr Jem and I cleaned the house (I LOVE a clean house. It makes me feel so good - I'm weird that way). We went to a very fun party in the evening for a friend's birthday. There was live music and dancing. Unfortunately we had to leave a bit early to go home for the PIO injection. 

4th of July was our 4th Annual Road Trip to Cali.stoga. Five of us drove up. We ate out, "took the waters" (I only went up to my upper thighs in the not-too-cold pool), and then watched the fireworks at the local county fair. Fun.

Yesterday I had my acupuncture treatment and then was off to a picnic in the park that evolved into a BBQ at our house and games into the evening.

Tonight I am attending my first Resolve meeting. Not sure what to expect. I already get so much support from the Blog community, in addition to my family and the IRL friends who are in the know, but it will be nice to meet some local women in the same boat as me. Do any of you attend those meetings locally? How is it?

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.



bunny said...

I've often felt like rubbing my friend's newborn on my belly during my wait...a bit crazy, but that's what happens to us after a while...

I'm glad you're staying distracted, and I hope Thursday hurries up...

irrationalexuberance said...

Sounds like Operation Distraction is going great, and that you are having a great time. I love Calistoga and the north end of the napa/ sonoma valleys -- so beautiful and less crowded.

Resolve group? I went once to the one nearby. I have to admit, I kinda hated it, but I also think the moderator (a volunteer and veteran ivf-er) sucked. It was all about the practical stuff (which doctr do you like, etc) and very little about how anyone was feeling. But I did make a couple of contacts that I now email with and so that was valuable. Conversely, my friend in Cincinnatti said her group was invaluable, and loved the people she met. I hope it goes well!!

Katie said...

Yay for staying busy! I'm glad that this operation is still going strong. As for Resolve, I love my group. We only meet once every other month, but a few of us have stayed close and keep in contact between meetings. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Thursday can't get here fast enough. :)

Leslie said...

Those symptoms sound super promising!!!!

I can't wait to hear the good news on Thursday. After all, you are PUPO, right?

Hang in there!!!

Circus Princess said...

You're strong if you don't POAS, I would probably have peed on several by now :) Keeping those fingers crossed for you girl!

Brandy said...

I love my local Resolve group!


Adventures in Baby Waiting said...

JEM!!!! What the heck? I feel like your 2ww is more like a 2 year wait! I feel like I have been waiting for your good news FOREVER!!!!! I hope it's going faster for you that it is for me. Sore boobies and nausea are good! Looks like you had a great weekend and were perfectly distracted! Happy 4th lady!

Mad Hatter said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Keep up the distractions! Not long to go now! Crossing all my appendages for you!

Allison said...

Is it Thursday yet? No?

How 'bout now? Now? Now?

OMG this is killing me. (it is about me, after all.) ;)

And yes, yes the pee sticks are PURE evil.

callmemama said...

Yeah, I agree with Adventures, this might be the longest 2ww that wasn't my own...ever. Good for you for holding out on POAS! Those things ARE pure evil.
My local resolve group doesn't welcome anyone who isn't undergoing any treatments (IUI or IVF, specifically), so I haven't gone. I don't know if that's kosher with the head Resolve group, but that's what they advertise - it totally surprised me to see it!