Thursday, August 20, 2009


Dr. Wonderful just called. Pre-cycle blood test results for me 100% in. All good except... (drum roll, please)...

I have no immunity to German Measles and Chicken Pox.

I never got Chicken Pox as a kid. When my best friend Y and her brother had it I went over to their house, but never got it. Dr. Wonderful said that if I got it an adult, the symptoms would be much worse.

German Measles is a whole other story. If I got it while preggers it could cause deafness or retardation in the baby. Gulp.

I could take a vaccine, but then I would have to wait 3 months to start my IVF. Dr. Wonderful said that would be fine if I was 25 (I'm not. I'm 39!!).

I said I didn't want the vaccine. He then recommended I stay away from groups of children. I work in corporate America at a Fortune 500 (but a much smaller number) company. Some of the employees may act like children sometimes, but that doesn't count. I should be just fine.

Have any of you out in the interweb faced this decision?


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Lin said...

Hmmm...that's tough! I can totally understand not wanting to be on hold for 3 months (regardless of age, LOL!). I hope someone comes along with helpeful experiences...I did find this:
Some of it sounds a little scary (ignore those parts), but I pass it along to point out the parts where it talks about a low likelihood of picking it up in the US and also ways to prevent it. HTH!