Thursday, August 27, 2009

No time to post...

No time to post as I'm too fraking busy reading everyone else's posts!


You all are amazing, thought, funny women and men.

I'm just sorry we are all brought together under such unfortunate circumstances.



Anonymous said...

I see you're a fan of Battlestar Galactica! D and I are watching the last season, actually finished the first episode on Tuesday... so intense!!!

Jem said...

What gave me away?!! LOL. Absolutely. I'm a HUGE fan of BSG.

m said...

Jem, had to find your blog because your comment to Melissa's latest post (childfree, etc) got me all teary. Kudos to you for loving, and for being there and for recognizing the beauty of a relationship, even one that isn't in a straight line.

Lin said...

I know what you mean...on both counts!

Jem said...


Mel's post (childfree) really, really moved me. I'm glad no one came by my desk at work as I was reading that blog. I have so many wonderful role-models - women without children - in my life. Actually more women without children than with. That is what lead to my ambivalence around motherhood.