Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here are my current list of regrets/questions:

  1. Why didn't we start ART sooner? - I'm 39 for goodness sake!
    (Answer: because first I wasn't ready and then Mr. Jem wasn't ready)
  2. Why did I think gleefully evil thoughts when I heard that previous (live-in) boyfriend couldn't have kids because of a childhood accident?
    (Answer: No idea. I know there's no direct correlation between my evil thoughts and our present situation. I can't help think that some twisted karma has me and Mr. Jem facing Male Factor IF.)
  3. Why did I decide to wait until next cycle (in September) to start IVF? I'm ready to start now!!!
    (Answer: because Mr. Jem and I weren't psychologically ready and we have some travelling to do before the IVF cycle starts. I'm totally ready/impatient now!!!!!!!!)
  4. How come two of my male colleagues just had babies, but not me?
    (Answer: who knows?!)
  5. Why isn't this easier?
    (see Answer 4)
  6. What are your biggest regrets/questions?



Pie said...

I was talking to DH about our upcoming cycle, and we were reviewing the finances. Always fun. Anyway, he said, "I wish we hadn't wasted time with that first doctor, what a waste that was!" Hindsight is perfect of course, and knowing what we know now, we did waste time. But I guess that's part of the journey. And of course, I do regret not starting sooner, again seen through my hindsight glasses, but we never thought it would be this hard and take so long. So I guess I feel some regret, but also know that there was no way to predict the future, so I can't get too upset about it.

Jem said...

You have a very healthy attitude. I guess the important thing is for the process to bring me and Mr. Jem closer together.