Friday, March 16, 2012

Week 33 Update

Pregnancy update... feel free to skip.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: I'm up over 181.5 lbs from around 150 at time of IUI.

Maternity Clothes: 100%.

Stretch marks: Nope. Ligna negra = yes. Even some pigmentation around my nipp.les. 

Sleep: I can easily fall asleep, but wake almost hourly to change position, pee, stretch out leg cramp, or nudge Mr. Jem to get him to stop snoring. At least once a week I have trouble getting back to sleep at 3:00 and am up for a couple of hours.

Movement: Lots of movement! Some quite violent, like she's testing her leg muscles. Only time it hurts is when she kicks me in the liver. 

Cravings/Aversions: Ice cream.

Gender: It's (still) a Girl!

Symptoms: Suffering from swollen and red hands and feet - my cankles have transformed into elephant feet. Doc says not to worry unless swelling is accompanied by head aches. Still experiencing lots of aches and pains in my back and am still really tired from the anemia. All I want to do is sleep in the afternoon. Fractured rib still hurts in the evening.

What I miss: being able to see anything below my belly button. Other than that, nothing!
What I look forward to: Going on maternity leave. My last day of work is March 30th.

Moods: Tired and super excited and happy to be expecting. 

Milestones: Nursery basics are set up - crib, dresser (filled with infant clothes), and rocker purchased. I promise to post pictures soon.

Medical concerns: Anemia, constipation, fatigue. Aching back.
Sex?: Very funny! I did have very vivid sexy dreams the other night. That's about as close to getting any action as I've had.

Misc: My mom came for a week-long visit and helped us buy the furniture for the baby's room. She also dropped off two more knitted sweaters. I promise to post pics of those, too!


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Oooo, can't wait to see the nursery!

I never got the linea nigra, and I didn't get any new stretch marks, but the ones I already had turned an angry shade of red (not quite there yet).

IF Optimist, then... said...

Yay for ticking along some more. So happy for you and looking forward to seeing pics of your little girl in the next couple of months. WOW!!

Amber C said...

Everything sounds great and like you are enjoying pregnancy life for the most part. So happy for you. Enjoy feeling that baby in your belly and the roundness of your belly. I miss it. :)

Rebecca said...

Sounds like things are going along great! Sorry for the swollen ankles, though!

As for the sex dreams -- I have seriously had some crazy ones lately. Well, not crazy-crazy but crazy-intense!! Yowsa hormones!

Poppet said...

Next time tell more detail about the dream if you want to spice up this blog!

Kristen {} said...

Glad all is going well.
I had lots of swelling in my feet too, but my docs weren't at all concerned...they did test my urine for protein at every visit and it wasn't until they found it to be above a certain level that there was any real interest in the swelling.
Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!