Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Job situation update


Just went to talk to the VP about next steps. He verbally offered me the position. He still needs to follow up with HR about what paperwork needs to be completed. Said the changes won't go into affect until I get back from maternity leave.

HUGE sigh of relief. The knot in the pit of my stomach just unclenched.

Thanks for the support.



Lulu said...

WHEW! What a relief.

Rebecca said...

Yeesh. Glad to hear it!

Kristen {www.buckupbuttercup.net} said...

So good to hear!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

So glad to hear it... I wonder what kicked him into the realm of common sense?

Sooz said...

AH! Good news! At least they've come to their senses.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! They apparently know a good thing when they have it...thanks goodness!