Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacation plans?

Nothing really new to report. 

Mr. Jem and I are planning out our next vacation. I want to go to the Caribbean in the winter months, he wants to take his mom on an Alaska cruise. 

Where are you going on vacation (or holiday, as they say on the other side of the pond)? If you could go anywhere, where would you go?



or here?



Anonymous said...

I always choose beach, although my Hubby is a mountains or city (or anywhere cold) kinda guy. We have yet to actually make it to a beach, but our last hiking vacay was a big hit for both of us :).

TeeJay said...

I love a tropical island. However, I'd go to the mountains in the Fall. I hate the cold so the last thing I want is to have to pack a coat and gloves for my vacation. I'm glad that you guys are planning a vacation, it symbolizes a future and that is a great thing.

Poppet said...

If you go to the right island, you can visit the mountain too....

You said you are thinking about the Caribbean. What about Hawaii? It's closer and cheaper for you from SF. If you are coming from that far, I would NOT recommend Jamaica, or Aruba. Kauai (HI) is much nicer than either of these islands. Jamaica isn't safe - and if you go to Aruba, rent a car and see the island beyond the hotel.

If you do hit the Caribbean, I've heard that Turks and Caicos are the nicest islands.

Greek Islands might be a cheap deal. Stay away from Paris for the mo. The dollar is in the dump and every little croissant will make you want to cry. Wait until the dollar rises (someday our economy will improve, won't it???). I kid you not - my CC bill was outrageous! The only place that might be cheap abroad (another plug for Hawaii, since they are still part of the US and use dollars) is Greece... HA!

Bon voyage!

Anonymous said...

Vacation planning! How fun! I've never been to a tropical island, so that might be fun. However, I've always wanted to visit England, Ireland, and Scotland.

No matter what...have fun!

Pie said...

I always choose tropical. But it depends on what you want - to travel or vacation? Very different trips, ya know?

linda said...

My vote is for tropical!! I've done all three of the pictures and there's nothing like blissing out on a warm sandy beach.

Heather said...

I would totally go tropical island, but my vaction I am going to be surrounded by Iowa corn! HOW BORING!