Sunday, July 24, 2011

Graduating to PG (not me)

Just moved three or four blogs that I follow from the "TTC" list to the "PG" list. I am so happy for these people (and a bit jealous, too). 

What do YOU do with blogs that get that happy news? Delete or un-follow? Keep reading, but read less? No change? Read more?

~ Jem


Anonymous said...

I think it depends on how long I've been following their story. If I've only been following for a few months...I usually un-follow them. If it's a person who I've been reading along with for a long time...I just keep on reading.

I will always have a bit of jealousy, but for those women who have struggled for a BFP...I am overjoyed for them.

linda said...

If they're on my blogroll, I move them to a new category and I continue to read. :)

erika said...

This is your place to use for support. Every story is individual. Some may help help you in some ways with inspiration, or by being a good resource, some may just add to anxiety for some reason. I would say pick as you feel like. To your max benefit.

C said...

I keep them under my "infertility" category. Personally I think, once infertile, always infertile. Plus, I don't have a lot of different categories, and I'm lazy ;)

Anonymous said...

It depends on the person and how long I have been following them and how long they've been trying. Those I have been following a long time I keep them with me, but comment a little less.

I didn't know I could put people in different categories...hmmm I need to try this!

Marissa said...

Before, I would:

Unfollow them if I'd only been following them for a short amount of time, even if they hadn't seen a heartbeat and could very well be having a chemical for all I knew.

Unfollow them if they annoyed me. (Which could be anything on any given day.)

Usually but not always read the other ones. Pretty much never comment on them.

I would sometimes feel guilty about it, but then sometimes not. Frankly, I figured they were pregnant and so their joy from their pregnancy could easily handle a slight dent if they noticed I stopped following or commenting. And they could go find other pregnant women to "hang out" with, whereas I needed my non-pregnant IF people.

Do whatever you need to do. Anyone, pregnant or not, who thinks you're "doing it wrong" can go suck it.


~C~ said...

Depends on how long I've been following them, if I have interaction with them outside of blogolandia, and (quite frankly) how interesting their blog remains once they're pregnant and pretty sure they'll actually be getting a baby.

The ones who just switch to blathering about morning sickness, cankles and that STUPID weekly pregnancy meme? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

I moved all pregnant or mother blogs to a separate list so that when I was having a tough day I coul dchoose to protect myself and not read about preggie symptoms or cute kids, but I still wanted to follow these people, so many of whom were amazing support to me. So on good days, when I was stronger I could catch up on their news and share in their joy. I think when you are travelling the IF road you have to look after yourself.

Kelley said...

It differs for me. There are some that I have followed up until the birth but then for the most part, unless they are really funny, I delete. It isn't that I am jealous or upset with them, I am very happy for them but the point of me joining this community is for support and seeing people that are struggling through the same things that I am. It is nothing personal but once the talk goes from TT, HPTs and 2WW to no sleep and dirty diapers, I am out for my own sanity. :) Stopping by for ICLW! :)