Friday, September 11, 2009

Take Me To Your Leader

Today is CD 29. Just one more to go before IVF starts.

I just got these knitting patterns by KittingAtKNoon in the mail from an online yarn store. I am looking forward to starting them this weekend (still finishing up a sweater from last summer).

To those knitters or other crafters out there, what are you working on?



Poppet said...

I'm knitting 3 things! I'm knitting a scarf of extra yarn as an unexpected hostess gift/birthday gift/who knows what for. I'm knitting this sweater: for my husband (but I don't knit when I'm mad at him... so it's been a few days since I worked on it) and I'm knitting a blanket/throw for myself in dark brown wool.

Jem said...


He's very lucky to get such a beautiful sweater. I no longer knit for the men in my life.


Poppet said...

He complained that I always knit for other people but not for him. I was thinking about it and he's right! The last time I knit him anything was in 1994. Once every 15 years or so I guess I can knit him something....