Friday, September 11, 2009

Dumb question re: cycle day 1

AF is early. I started spotting today around 10:00 a.m.

Is today CD1 or tomorrow?

So confused...


Update: I just spoke to Ivonne, my IVF Coordinator, and she said that if full flow starts tonight, I should call her tomorrow morning and tomorrow will be CD1.


Illanare said...

According to my clinic, CD1 is the first day of full flow - as long as it happens before 1.00 in the afternoon. Full flow after 1.00 means CD1 is the next day.

Don't know if this helps or hinders!

Pie said...

Spotting does not count, you must have full flow for it to be CD1. I often have a day or 2 of spotting before AF really arrives. Clinics vary about how late in the day the full flow arrives before you count the next day CD1. My clinic says if full flow arrives anytime before 9pm, that day is CD1, after 9pm, the next day is CD1.

Hope this helps!

Poppet said...

Fingers crossed and toes crossed.