Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CD 27

Wow, I'm just three days away from starting my IVF cycle. I've been bombarding my IVF coordinator with questions...

"Can I travel day CD 13?" (answer: "yes")

"Will it be harmful for me and my DH to paint our guest room / nursery?" (answer: "Not if you wear a mask and gloves")

"How do I take the BCP's during the next cycle? Do I start with the placebo/sugar pills like I used to do?" (answer: "No, you don't take the sugar pills. You'll start with the hormone pills on day 3.")

My other concern is that I'll have ER or ET on the day of my big golf tournament. I'm one of the charity fundraising co-chairs organizing the raffle/silent auction and there's a ton to do to set up, etc.

But, frankly. What's more important? Golf or a baby?

Yes, I know the answer is categorically "BABY!!"

Wow, I am filled with anticipation and hope. I'm more than a little nervous, too. I haven't gotten my protocol yet, so I don't know what to expect. I have been reading blogs about other's experiences with IVF. It's so good to know I'm not alone, even though I don't wish this on anyone.

Wow. It's a lot to think about, to take in.



misterivf said...

Good luck! I really hope this is a short stay for you and Mr Jem in IVF land. People thow baby dust around to help. I dont have any of that so will just send heaps of good thoughts your way and feel free to ping away with questions if you think it can help.

Jem said...

I'm sure I'll keep the questions coming, being naturally curious in nature. I have so much to learn. I sure appreciate this whole community.


'Murgdan' said...

Wow! THREE days! It is exciting...and yes, all those other feelings too. Cheering you on!

callmemama said...

Good luck :) Three days is soon!

Poppet said...

Hang in there - it's gonna go great!!! Personally I'd hold off on the painting - you may be repainting it in 6 months anyway... ;-)

Pie said...

So soon! I'm glad we will be moving thru this together.