Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Spice of Life

Okay, it's CD 28 and I'm really psyched about starting IVF.

I'm trying hard not to become completely obsessive and spend the whole day reading blogs - might get my butt fired! And then how would we pay for IVF?

I've been distracting myself with other websites, too. While at my mom's house, she turned me on to this wonderful sourse of spices and herbs: Penszys Spices. These are the freshest, most wonderful spices I have ever tried. I love the catelog, which is filled with amazing recipes, pictures of happy customers and kids'drawings.

I just ordered the Herb Gift Box for my in-laws. I know they will will really appreciate it.

Okay, interwebenauts, talk to you later!



Pie said...

Oh, I luuuuve me some Penzeys! I love many of their spice blends (the lemon pepper, the pasta sprinkle, the ozark seasoning) and they have great variety of chili powders. Their stores are so much fun too.

babyattheend said...

I LOVE PENZEY'S! There is a store, yes a STORE, in the same town as our RE... it's so AMAZING!!! Good luck on the impending cycle!