Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have become completely obsessed planning the nursery and shopping for baby. It has been a daunting, overwhelming task with me mostly buying nothing, doing nothing as a result. 

During my 1-hr GD test on Saturday another PG woman in the waiting rooming recommended this site for all things baby. I paid for the book and a one-year subscription to their reviews (like Consumer.Reports, but better), but they have a community forum for coupons and other discussion boards.

Hopefully their recommendations will help me spring into action. The other thing holding me back is that I don't want to (literally) buy into the whole baby-stuff industry, which, like the wedding industry is trying to get you to spend, spend, spend! 

I promise to update after my OB appointment this afternoon with GD results.
~Jem (eating sugary now just in case I can't in after today)


Julie said...

I was also feeling pretty overwhelmed until someone recommended that book! It helps you decide what is not worth spending money on, etc. Good luck!

babyinterrupted said...

I had that book too, and it was totally helpful. Especially when entering the Baby Industrial Complex Stores which make you feel like CPS is going to come and take your baby away if you don't buy EVERY SINGLE THING ON THE LIST including, you know, the wipe warmer. Good luck! I also found a great list of suggestions at Pregnant Chicken ( Also, make sure your husband reads her blog on Things New Dads Need to Know because it is freaking fantastic. :)

Poppet said...

Take it easy - the baby isn't due for many months. Should she make an early appearance there is nothing you need that can't be ordered from Amazon. Honestly it doesn't have to be perfect. Just like you said: it's like the wedding industry. You and Mr. Jem are perfectly happy and I'm guessing not still talking about the linens on your big day. Same goes for your baby's blanket.

One word: PRACTICAL (cute too, but that's the easy part)

Sarah B said...

I agree with everyone here. Women have been having babies since, forever, and the baby stuff always loses out to having committed and intentional parents. I'm a huge fan of second hand and regifting among the baby circles. The stuff is so expensive and you use it for a short period of time (at least during the newborn stage). And totally unsolicited rant? I can't stand all the gender specific stuff some of the larger stores keep. Try to have fun with it, it is stressful, but there is also something so sweet about preparing for baby.

cutey-patootie said...

this site looks amazing. i wish i had it when i was PG. the only thing you really "need" when you come home is a few outfits (i recommend footie PJs) and diapers. she wont care wear she sleeps (mine slept in a swing for a few month) or what she is wearing or even about toys. take it slow and know that most things that are out there to buy are extras. hope that helps.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I so hear you about the big bad baby industry! It can be so overwhelming. I do think, tho, that all the time I spent dealing with IF/RPL allowed me to really clarify what I wanted vs what I needed for the nursery. Also, the fact that we had limited funds and limited space forced me to be a bit more creative (repurposed some items we already had around the house, like a dresser and an entertainment unit that I converted to a change table).

My one big recommendation... sleepers that close with zippers (not snaps)! You'll be so grateful at 2am, when you're bleary-eyed and can't match up the little snaps.

Hope the GD test went well!

Jill said...

Baby Bargains was super helpful! I also emailed three trusted friends with newer babies (6mos - 1 year) and asked them which gadgets they couldn't live without and which ones they haven't used or wished they hadn't wasted money on. That helped a lot too. Good luck!

Tracey said...

First of all, I lived (and shopped) by that book. It's a life saver.

I remember being so excited to register for shower gifts and to get everything for the nursery! I get to pregnant AND shop? Yes! But when I started I found it to be the most overwhelming, stressful thing ever! I had no idea how hard it would be.

One thing that really helped was to let friends who had kids and that I thought had good sense and let them look over my registries and basically do them for me. Of course I added and took away some things, but they thought of things that I never would have and also helped me understand that there are many things you don't need at all.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I did something similar to Tracey, and talked to friends/family about what toys/gadgets were really needed...and which ones were a money-sink. It really helped. I also have a few friends who have loaned us toys until we can decide if we like them or not.

I know how overwhelming it can be, but you have some time to really figure out what you want! I am so excited for you!

Kristen {} said...

I hear you on the whole baby-stuff industry. We've tried to keep things really simple too, partly because we don't want to spend the money, partly because we don't want the clutter. I'm having a shower and the hostess insisted I do a baby registry...I feel like we have everything we need, but since making the registry list I am now coveting fancy, super-stylish diaper bags, baby carriers/slings, a stroller that is ridiculously expensive, the cutest nursing pillow ever, etc. All wants, for sure, not needs.
Good luck and I would love to see your list.