Monday, January 9, 2012

24w0d: Getting harder


This pregnancy thing is getting harder. Sleeping is harder, getting up from a seated position is harder and my belly is literally getting harder. I think I'm experiencing Braxon.Hicks contractions.

Not that I'm complaining.

Saturday I did my 1 hour gestational diabetes test. I have an appointment with the OB's office (with the Physician's Assistant, H instead of Dr. L) on Wednesday, so I'll let you know if I passed or not.
Had a total "pregnancy brain" moment last night: I was craving veggies and made a beautiful pot of minestrone soup (click here for the recipe). When it was done, I turned off the burner and went to cuddle with Mr. Jem and Sharky on the couch. 10 minutes later I started to smell this terrible burning smell. I leaped up, ran in to the kitchen to discover that I had turned the (electrical) burner to High instead of Off. The whole house smelled of burned veggies and the soup was ruined. Hopefully I can salvage the beautiful LeCreuset.Dutch.Oven pot tonight. Arrrggh. Luckily I had already eaten one bowl of the wonderful soup, so it wasn't a complete loss (I'm very constipated and need extra the fiber!). I still have more of the ingredients, so I will try again either tonight or tomorrow. 

Still not complaining...

I tweaked my right shoulder and neck during the holidays... a trip to the chiropractor and masseuse didn't help last week. Heating pad does. Not typing or knitting (sniff!) does, but it's not practical, as my work is 99% at the computer. Have a follow-up appoint with the chiro (also my aunt) tonight. The most lovely Mr. Jem will be picking me up from the appointment after work, as it takes me almost 2 hours to get home from my aunt's office. Love him! He volunteered to come get me! Even with that big college football game happening tonight. The only silver lining on all this is that it has forced me to sleep on my left side, which is recommended.

Did I say i wasn't complaining? Well, I guess I am. It's not easy being pregnant. Of course, it's even harder NOT being pregnant, when you really want to be... goes without saying, but worth saying all the same.

Okay, so that makes me a (sorta) complaining and very grateful pregnant woman.



Mrs. Gamgee said...

I certainly hope that the chiro helps your neck and shoulder. I'm going to have to cave and start going to see my chiro soon. I've put it off as long as I can I think.

And you're right... being pregnant is hard, but not being pregnant would be harder. As challenging as this pregnancy has been, I would rather be here than not.

TeeJay said...

I've always thought that pregnant infertiles have earned a right to complain a little more than the average fertile. It seems that most IF think they can't say a bad word about being pregnant. And in my opinion, that is just not true. Pregnancy is not easy on a body. Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on a body and makes an otherwise "normal" body do really strange things...stretch marks, that black line down the center of the belly, hemroids, constipation...none of it is "easy" to deal with. I think we all wish for those issues so when we get them we think we are not allowed to complain. You ARE. You have earned the right to complain about aches and pains and throwing up and constipation. I say pregnant infertiles should wear those badges proud...and let everyone know that it's not easy being pregnant. Yes, it's a blessing and we are eternally grateful for the experience...but it's not easy. Complaining about it does not make you any less grateful so I say "complain away!". I like hearing the truth about pregnancy. It's not all sunshine and roses and it's about time IF feel free to let us know all about it.

Sorry, not sure where all that came from. :-) It's good to get an update from you. I hope your neck and back get to feeling better.

Anonymous said...

You are allowed to have complaints! I mean, it's not like you are stilling on the beach with a cold drink in your hand for 9-months working on your tan :) It is nice to hear the gratitude mixed in though.

Mrs. Misfits said...

Pick up barkeepers friend for the pot. Use gloves!

I am hoping that you passed the GD test and that you get some relief from the shoulder. Pregnancy is surreal and uncomfortable time and I think you are managing splendidly. And, I doubt I will whether the weeks with as much grace.

Brookes4boys said...

Praying that you pass the 1 hour glucose test, because the 3 hour is a nightmare.

Also, sorry about your soup and hope your Le Crueset can be saved, I know I would be lost without mine.

BTW, when I was pregnant with my twins the Dr recommended I use meal replacement shakes for extra calories and they had the added benefit of helping with constipation because they have so much fiber. I just used the Slim Fast ones, there arent any weight loss drugs in them, and my OB said they were fine. I would have one every morning for my snack. Chocolate and fiber, what could be better ? :)

Kakunaa said...

I remember trying desperately to smile through my really rough pregnancy. And for the most part I did. Through months of puking, wearing a pump, numerous hospital stays, bed rest. But one day I was at work and my feet were the size of footballs and I was soooo uncomfortable, and I let loose. Basically said could I just skip ONE side effect? Someone who didn't know my story chided me for complaining saying some women would give anything. I said, "I AM that woman, and after all it took to get me here I would like to bloody enjoy it and not be miserable the whole time!" That shut her up. Turns out, fellow IF. So kudos to her. But yeah, sometimes you just can't take everything. HUGS.

Poppet said...

Remember - this will be the EASIEST way to care for your baby... :-)

Sooz said...

Happy New Year! I hope you pass your GD test. I'll be taking mine in a couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to it.

I know what you mean about the pregnancy getting more difficult. I'm starting to feel pretty big now and I'm not even in my third tri, yet! Sleeping has become more difficult and I've been going to the chiro since week 14...It'll be all worth it in the end, though!!

Adele said...

It isn't easy and those aches and pains that come on are no joke. Mine were helped (somewhat) by the pregnancy pillow I clutched for dear life every night and prenatal massage, both of which I highly recommend. (Sorry to hear about the soup....grrrr...)

Anonymous said...

Oh no...I hope the Le Creuset was saved. Complain away, it isn't easy what you're going through!