Thursday, December 16, 2010

Your Caffeine habits - results from the quiz

Type of beverage you drink:

Coffee                                               18    39%
Decaf coffee                                      9    20%
Black tea                                            5    11%
Decaf black tea                                   0    0%
Green tea                                            0    0%
Decaf green tea                                   1    2%
Soda (coke, etc.)                                2    4%
Diet Soda                                           6    13%
Water only                                          5    11%
N/A                                                   0    0%

What's your attitude towards caffeine?

Don't miss it                                          8    17%
Can't live without it                               11    24%
Indifferent                                             11    24%
Have learned to live without it            16    35%

When do you drink caffeinated drinks?

Never                                                        14    30%
One cup per day                                        25    54%
Always                                                        5    11%
Just not during the 2WW                             2      4%           

Your Comments

I gave up all caffeine (including chocolate, decaf) about a year ago, when I had to give it up for an IVF cycle.  CCRM does not want any caffeine in your system for a stim cycle or FET, as they think it can interfere with uterine blood flow.  So I just went cold-turkey ( I was a black tea and diet soda drinker, 2-3 per day), had headaches for 2-3 days, then was over it.  Never went back.  I now drink chamomile tea and water.  I also had mild IBS, and giving up caffeine and artificial sweeteners has really helped that too. 

What an interesting quiz! I'm a weirdo because I never got hooked on coffee and so I'm annoyingly perky when all my friends are craving their first cup in the morning.

I will happily go back to caffeine one of these days...

I usually have one diet soda with caffeine a day.  Sometimes, like on the weekends, I'll have tea with my lunch or dinner and a diet soda.  I've been at this for too long to worry about not drinking caffeine in my 2ww.  Just my opinion and I'm not judging anyone because I know that caffeine is bad for unborn babies and if I ever actually GET pregnant, I will be decaff the whole way.

I kicked the habit a year ago as I was getting ready to do my first IVF cycle. My acupuncturist said it made my pulse super wiry (she could tell I had 1 cup in the AM later in the evening). It was tough at first, but now I drink 1 decaf cup a day (usually a soy latte) so I feel like I still get my kick, even though it's just a placebo.
I also drink diet pop too. I have cut back since doing all the IVF stuff but when cutting it out didn't prove to be any help, I figured it probably doesn't really matter. You've heard the same song and I dance I have, people get pregnant smoking crack, shooting heroine, snorting coke, etc., a little caffeine in the 2ww most definitely isn't going to hurt anything. If you're not getting pregnant, it's more than likely NOT caffeine's fault. Peace out.

I saw an accupuncturist the month before our IVF consult.  He told me to stop drinking it.  I did and it sucked.  I miss it.  I did however go to two appointments and then found myself pregant after 18 cycles of nothing.  So who knows.  I am leaning more towards luck, but I know I am going back for more accupuncture when I deliver.

I have cut out coffee entirely but still drink one cup of black tea about 4 times a week.

I usually just drink diet soda with caffeine and with out all the time until my second week of the two week wait.  Then I cut it out. I miss having flavor in my drink and the bubbles.

I went without all through our cycle, and when the OB ok'd a cup a day, I was thrilled.  Today my neurologist vetoed caffeine altogether, and I am soooo sad :( 

I went off caffeine more than 8 years ago, due to Panic Attacks.  Caffeine causes my heart rate to increase and get all wonky, so I don't really miss it. =)  The only form of caffeine that I voluntarily ingest is CHOCOLATE (can't live without it)!  Other than that, I'm a red tea (naturally decaffeinated) fanatic.  It's the best.

I sleep very poorly and cannot drink any caffeine after about noon or I won't sleep that night. I don't even eat chocolate after lunch time!

I love all kinds of teas. I gave tea up during both my IVF attempts. Waste of time...probably won't next time.

I only drink decaf coffee on the weekends, when I can have it with my raw, organic milk. Otherwise, during the week I drink herbal tea. (I know, sounds really granola, doesn't it?)  About 6 years ago, I weaned myself off caffeine and never looked back!

Quit during ivf and fet cycles....

Where's the espresso choice?

"I tend to give up caffeine completely when's too hard to vacillate back and forth between caf and decaf...I really like the taste and I don't miss the kick too much.
I've read IVF docs' reports saying that caffeine is more detrimental to IVF success than is it's just not worth the risk. I've also read (think it was from Dr. KK) that caffeine can reverse blood flow in the spiral arteries of the uterus...not sure if true, but apparently a skilled U/S tech can tell if you're drinking loaded coffee.

I soooo miss caffeine but found that my little one is way to sensitive too it.

I usually drink herbal tea or water, but sometimes I drink green tea (caffeinated).  I do love a good Turkish coffee or espresso sometimes, though, after a good dinner :). 

Very cool to see a poll in a blog! I will have to see if I can do this in wordpress on mine! :-)" (From Jem: I did this quiz on


Melissa G said...

Ooh, I like the little results post, especially since I missed the original one. Very interesting!

And because I missed the original post here are my two cents:

I have never been significantly affected by caffeine, so stopping it all together wasn't a problem. I don't drink soda's at all - only sparlkling water or club soda but nothing with sweetners in it. I used to drink cokes religiously, but gave it up after knowing we were headed towards ART.

As for coffee, I drink a cup of decaf every single day because I LOVE the flavor.

And my Acupuncturist agrees with CCRM, she said the type of caffeine that is in coffee and chocolate affects the soft muscle organs i.e. your heart and uterus.

Fun post.

Jill said...

I quit caffeine totally before i got pregnant because sometimes it aggravates my heartburn. Then I decided I may as well stay off. It was hard but I stayed off until the third trimester when I noticed it sneakily appearing more and more. But never more than one soda per day, which really does not have that much caff. Also I'd get a tall half-caf latte once in a while. Now that I have a five month old I cannot function without a coffee in the AM and soda with lunch. I hate it but I literally fall asleep in my car on the way to work if I don't have my coffee.

Anonymous said...