Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today's WTF appointment & CD2 for IVF#2

And we're off!

We drove down to the Clinic today at 10:00 a.m. to meet with Dr. W. He recapped what happened previously: Fresh IVF with excellent response resulting in 26 eggs, 5 embryos, 2 transferred fresh ending in a biochemical PG and 3 transferred frozen ending in what they were calling an ectopic, but they were not sure where the PG was.

His conclusion: do the same thing again - antagonist protocol, starting BCPs tonight (CD2), and blood work today or tomorrow. I pushed a bit about additional testing. We agreed to do an an HSG x-tray test next week to see if my tubes are blocked, which could have a low chance of causing the chemical and/or ectopics. When we draw blood today, he also prescripted Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Panel, along with chromosomal analysis / karyotyping for both me and Mr. Jem. I also got the nurse to get them to test my iron and ferritin levels, as my iron levels were low during my FET in January. Oh, and they'll measure my FSH and Estradiol levels, too, of course!

The last thing we did (before Dr. W rushed off to do an embryo transfer) was to ask for a new IVF coordinator. Our original nurse kept dropping the ball on details. We didn't rag on her to Dr. W, just simply asked if we could work with another nurse, let's call her Nurse S, who is known to be very, very supportive and great to work with.

We decided, no, let me re-phrase this, I decided to go ahead and go with this cycle as our next IVF cycle. Mr. Jem deferred to me, as "it's my body," even though he really wanted to move forward as soon as possible. I have been super stressed and tired because of work and he wanted to be respectful of my need to feel ready physically. Luckily I've been resting all this week at home - a "stay-cation" and I'm starting to feel rested.

So, I start BCPs tonight and should have my IVF calendar tomorrow. When I get it I will share it with my acupuncturist who works at the Clinic. We saw her today and she already started me on herbs.

Question: Is this officially IVF#2? Does the FET just count as part of IVF#1?

Okay, gotta run to the pharmacy to pick up the pills, drop off my dry cleaning... (and on and on...)

Glad to be back on track!


Jenni said...

I can't answer your questions, but I can say good luck!

Patience said...

Good Luck with your IVF. In my mind, it is IVF #2, as I count the FET's separately.

I hope that you are able to get some answers from the testing as well.

Best wishes!


Rain Child said...

I can't help you with your question, but I am hoping that this cycle goes amazingly well!!

Trinity said...

I know you've waited what feels like forever for this next cycle! So happy to hear that you're on your way. :) I believe that this new fresh cycle would be considered IVF #2. Way to be a good advocate for yourself during today's appointment, too!

Ashley said...

Fingers crossed for you!

Mad Hatter said...

Hey, today is CD3 for me of my IVF #1 - we're cycling together! How long will you be on bcps for? Good for you for getting a better nurse on board - it makes such a huge difference to work with people who are supportive and competent!

irrationalexuberance said...

Yay for getting underway!!

I count this as IVF#2. I can't deal with the idea of failing 3 times, so perhaps it's just my psychological protection.

Seriously, we are on the same cycle. It's CD1 for me here, and I'm about to do a natural FET with my last frozen embryo. I just needed more break from the drugs...

Good luck!!

Nicole said...

I've seen people count them both ways. I personally count my FET as it's own IVF cycle because I think it is. There's no ER but that's it. It's still very intense, has all the IVF emotions, has lots of appts and ET... still *WAY* more than an IUI. I definitely think it's #3 because you've done two in vitro cycles before.
You are such a brave and strong girl to be jumping back into the races like this, especially after the beta hell you went through before.
Congrats and good luck!
(Just so you know, I have IVF #1=chemical, #2/FET=failed, and IVF #3/fresh has me currently 30 weeks pregnant! Third time's the charm, hopefully for you too!!! You sooooo deserve it)

Circus Princess said...

Crossing my fingers over here! I'd definitely count this as ivf 2, to me fet is bonus parts of a cycle.

callmemama said...

Good luck with this next IVF cycle! Glad you asked for a new coordinator :).

Priscilla said...

Best of luck to you!!! :)

Pie said...

Good luck, Jem!

I always count FETs as part of an IVF cycle, but I know some people think of them as their own cycle. I think it is however you think of it.

jrs said...

Good luck with IVF! I just read your What IF post, it was very good. I think you listed a lot of questions and worries we all have. Thanks for stopping by my blog

myinfertilitywoes said...

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!