Monday, August 27, 2012

In a fog...

Lack of sleep has me completely in a fog. If I can get one thing done a day, it's amazing. I don't know how working moms do it. Good grief! I'm working on refinancing the Jem household before I officially quite my job. Gulp. Did I just type those words?

I don't have a lot to report. Just received a box of baby books from a college friend - they are in French! How fun to read to Rosie in French. It always makes her smile and laugh when I read or talk to her in French. She loves it.

So much better to be blogging on the PC, rather than my silly small iPhone screen.

Gotta go as Rosie is trying to "talk" to me. And Sharky cat wants to be fed.



Mrs. Misfits said...

I keep thinking of you. I am floored by both how fast and slow a day can seem. If I manage to heat up dinner I feel heroic. How do other people manage?

I am sending great thoughts as you venture towards a new job. Something that is right for you will accommodate you and your beautiful family.

TurtleMama said...

I know how you feel! I wrote a bunch of thank you notes today and did a blog post and I feel like a rockstar! Good luck with the refinance.

Lulu said...

I know what you mean. Alex is still up around 4x a night. I don't really know how I'm functioning, to be honest.