Sunday, April 22, 2012

38w6d: Pregnancy Update (Any day now...)

Pregnancy update and pictures... feel free to skip.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: I'm up over 188 lbs from around 150 at time of IUI.

Maternity Clothes: 99%. Sundress today, as it's so hot. (Yes, that's me on the phone with my mom at the same time as I'm taking a picture with my new iPhone)

Stretch marks: Nope. Ligna negra = yes. Even some pigmentation around my nipp.les. 

Sleep: I can easily fall asleep, but wake almost hourly to change position, pee, stretch out leg cramp. Best sleep if I take a "warm tub" (hot tub with temp lowered to 97 degrees) before bed.

Movement: Much less now that there's less room. 

Cravings/Aversions: Ice cream.

Gender: It's (still) a Girl!

Symptoms: Still suffering from swollen hands and feet. Wake up with numb hands, and can't even make a fist, especially with my left hand. My left hip has been out of whack and I've been visiting the chiropractor a couple of times per week. At least I can walk now. When I walk for more than 5 minutes I start to have contractions. My ribs are 99% better (thanks to chiropractic, rather than drugs).

What I miss: Nothing!
What I look forward to: Meeting our baby girl.

Moods: Overall very good. I find my world has seriously shrunk. I don't want to go more than 5 miles from home. My focus is very much inward. I find myself stopping what I'm doing and just breathing into a mini-contraction (Braxton-Hicks? or The REAL THING????!!), relaxing my shoulders, opening myself to the moment, to what I'm feeling in the moment. 

Milestones: Being full-term, with hospital bag packed, infant seat installed in my car. NB diapers and a Diaper.Genie in the nursery. Baby's name picked.Yes, we've picked a name, but you'll have to wait! Mostly we want to see her to confirm.

Medical concerns: Anemia (not as bad any more), constipation, and fatigue (will I catch up on my sleep before she arrives?). Aching back and hip.
Sex?: With Mr. Jem? Nope. Some solo action Friday night in hopes that it would bring on real contractions. Didn't really work, but fun all the same.

Misc: Have finally started to relax since my MIL left and have been finishing my list of things to accomplish before Baby has arrived. Just enjoying this amazing moment of anticipation. When will she be born? What will she look like?

Next post will be about our Doula. I promise (unless I go into labor).



Lulu said...

Looking good! You're almost there!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

That finish line is in sight!!

Like last time, I haven't gotten any new stretch marks, but the ones I've had for years and years are looking rather angry. I don't have the linea nigra, but any dark pigmentations I have are considerably darker (nipples, freckles, birthmark).

And the numb hands! OMG... they make the middle of the night bathroom trips challenging!

Jay said...

Yay!! I was just reading your timeline-- 5 years, and you are finally getting here. So happy for you! Best of luck for the big day!

Kelly Graham said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. It looks like we're just a few weeks apart in our pregnancies, but worlds apart with regards to the getting-pregnant thing :) You indicated that we may have both gone to the same college... are you a Smithie, too?

Allison said...

You look great! So close!!! Oh Jem! Im so happy for you that I can hardly stand it!!

IF Optimist, then... said...

You look amazing and I am just sitting here grinning like a goofball. So happy you are almost there and looking forward to reading about her when she arrives soon.

One Who Understands said...

You look amazing!!! Can't believe it is any day now little miss will be here!! So excited for you and Mr. Jem!!