Monday, November 21, 2011

17w0d: Happy ICLW

If this is your first time here, welcome to my humble blog! 

I've been blogging for over two years, and have been TTC for as long with the help of medical science. We were lucky enough to get pregnant with our Hail Mary donor sperm IUI, after 3 fresh IVFs, and 1 FET, using Mr. Jem's. 

I'm 17 weeks pregnant today and am LOVING the second trimester. It's amazing and wonderful in so many ways. Gone is the nausea and fatigue. Gone is a lot of the paranoia and fear that this pregnancy will fail. Okay, gone for today. It helps that I finally broke down and bought a prenatal doppler so I can hear our little baby girl's heart beat. Yes, we did CVS testing in the first trimester (as I'm of advanced maternal age) and wanted to know the baby's gender. 

So, I'm just happy to be pregnant. My skin is amazing. My hair is growing like crazy and is curly and so healthy. Emotionally I'm great too, if not a little reactive. Overall I feel like a million bucks. My pregnancy is going very smoothly and for that I'm very, very grateful.

That's my update. I'll share a baby bump picture next time.



TurtleMama said...

That's great that you are really settling in and enjoying your pregnancy, Where did you get your doppler? I am thinking about ordering one. Thanks.

TurtleMama said...

Hi Jem - Thanks for the recommendation! I just ordered it off eBay! Yay! That was a good price.

callmemama said...

Yay, so happy you're feeling great in the 2nd trimester!

slowmamma said...

I'm so happy you are feeling so great. This post gives me so much hope. I'm only 2 weeks behind you and, although I am a bit of a "special case", I still hope to feel good about this at some time.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Yay for feeling awesome!!! I'm looking forward to really getting into the second tri and enjoying that stage.

Cattiz J said...

What a wonderful post! Congratulations on coming this far.
Happy ICLW.

Jes G said...

wow! i can not believe you are 17 weeks already!!! it's crazy!
happy iclw

Sam said...

Hello from ICLW!

CONGRATS on your pregnancy! The second tri is the BEST! You can enjoy it all! Even when the 3rd tri is uncomfortable and you want it to be over, savor it! It goes by sooo fast! And take lots of belly pics, you will be amazed afterwards.


Amy said...

Jem, I'm so happy the second trimester is treating you so well! I know you are enjoying it and I'm thrilled for you. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Circus Princess said...

Can't wait to see your beautiful bump:)

Sarah said...

Ah T2 the honeymoon Trimester!!

I am so glad you are feeling well and all it good!!

Happy ICLW

relaxednomore said...

Hi there, here from ICLW!
So happy for you that that IUI worked! For me, it's always great to hear that somebody finally managed to get pregnant - and even more so when that somebody is so close to my own age (I'll turn 39 in April).
Congratulations! And hope your pregnancy will continue to be happy and healthy!