Monday, November 14, 2011

16w1d: Paranoia

Good morning. The past week I've been feeling like a million bucks, but today worry set in. I don't have my next OB scan until Wed of next week and I'm feeling paranoid. My belly has popped out in the last week (my hairdresser said I look like I've just had a big meal, but I think it's more than that), but my mind keeps going to a bad place - "What if she's not growing anymore? What if something has gone wrong?"

I started on new prenatals and since then my digestive system has slowed way down. And I've lost my appetite (which is NOT normal for me). I'm having to force myself to eat lunch. I'm just not that hungry. I'm hoping it's because the baby is taking up real estate where my stomach used to be.

I never did buy that doppler... might go buy one today. I need some reassurance.



Poppet said...

Jem - remember pregnancy is a long journey. Some days you just aren't feeling right because a "foreign body" is in your tummy and you have lost all control.

When I was pregnant I had nightmares one night that were so awful that I was sure the nightmares had given my child a brain defect.

Give it a day or two. Oh, and by the way, you spend months waiting to "look pregnant" only to spend more than 10 years trying not to look pregnant anymore.

14 years ago today I had my first baby and I still look at my stomach and think "really????"

Melissa G said...

Ugh, I know it can be scary. To tell you the truth I didn't feel at ease until about 32 weeks. And even now at 35 weeks, I worry.

But being able to look back I would say that my body has done a lot of weird shit during this pregnancy. I have two IRL friends whom are within two weeks of my due date and they were both going through the Ravenously hungry stage at the same time (around 18-20 weeks) and I wasn't. It terrified me. But now at 35 weeks I am snacking between my snacks and dreaming about what other types of food I can get my hands on.

I think the bottom line is, you're going to worry - I get that. Just try not to let it consume you. And if it gets to be too much - call your OB. They are usually more than happy to put your mind at ease.

And also, the doppler will be worth every penny. You can always resell it on ebay.

Hang in there friend.

Poppet said...

Also - lots of women are still sick at 15-20 weeks. I threw up for MONTHS. Well into my 6th month. Your doctor will monitor your weight and your baby's size. I'm sure as long as you aren't losing weight all is OK. If you are very concerned you can always call the OB/Gyn for a phone consult.

Remember - the baby always takes what she needs from you.

Nicole said...

Oh Jem I'm sorry you're dealing with pregnancy paranoia. I HATED that. I felt like IF robbed me of the 'naive' joy of pregnancy because I was constantly worrying the whole time. Do you have a fetal fotos or some type of retail ultrasound studio near you? That really helped reassure me. It's not the cheapest way to go ( think $70 each for my local place), but those were my favorite ultrasounds of all because they spent like 15 minutes just letting me see my baby. None of those quick 2 minutes HB checks or the 20 week anatomy scan when the tech was moving around so fast I could never get a look at what was on the screen before she zoomed off to another body part.
If you're really worried, call your doc and insist to be seen. The worry does get better in 2-4 weeks when you should start feeling movement! It's soooo nice to have those little reminders that Baby is still wiggling around. Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the paranoia eases up for you. And hoping the time flies 'til your next appt!

Whitbit said...

We bought a doppler too, and are just now to the point where we don't use it as much. We went to an ultrasound studio as a previous poster mentioned, this past Friday at 17 weeks. It was amazing!! We got the whole DVD, along with lots of pictures. Best 50 bucks we ever spent. After 4 years of IF and one loss, money spent on reassurance is always money well spent. Good luck honey and Congrats again. :)

Anonymous said...

Damn the fear! I think it will get much much better once you begin to feel kicks. The great thing is that you are really close.

Shona said...

I guess your history means there is no avoiding the worry. You just have to take one day at a time. Slowmamma is right though once the baby starts to kick you will have a little reminder that he/she is there each time you feel one.

I have 6 days to go until my due date now. Have been so busy at work until my maternity leave started that I haven't been reading as many blogs. It is lovely to come back to yours and see that you are pregnant.

Good luck and congratualtions.