Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CD1 + Revelation!

Uggh. It's CD1 and I felt like such crap that I left work and I'm officially working from home the rest of the day.

This article explains MFI. At last we have an indicator! Ladies, get out your tape measures!


Size really does matter for male fertility…just not the way you think

Size really does matter for male fertility...just not the way you thinkAs far as male fertility is concerned, length really is important...except the length in question isn't the one you're thinking about. The crucial distance is actually the length between scrotum and anus. Yes, it's all about the taint.

In what has to go down as one of the most heroic scientific experiments ever, University of Rochester researcher Shanna Swan measured the taint length of 126 men born after 1987. The average anus-to-scrotum distance is two inches, and according to this study, you do not want to be below average.
Swan and her team found that men with below average taints were 7.3 times more likely to have low sperm counts than their above average counterparts, and the sperm they did have was not as well-formed as those belong to men with longer anus-to-scrotum distances. And why is all this happening? Well, we do know that men have taints that are roughly twice as long as those of women, suggesting a longer taint correlates with greater virility and male fertility.
Honestly, all I can really think to do here is to remember this slightly NSFW Mr. Show classic, which I can't help but think has much to teach us about the topic at hand.
Environmental Health Perspectives via Discoblog.




marilyn said...

Oh no..what happened?
I am a little confused with the link

Marissa said...

Yeah, the link just sent me to some page on TV reviews?

But I don't need an indicator--I've got multiple semen analysises to confirm it.

Anonymous said...

"Don't worry honey, it's just part of the fertility testing. What do you mean, back away from the tape measure?"
Wow. How on earth did they come up with that one?

Anonymous said...

hope the rest did you good :)

Kakunaa said...

Who funds this stuff???

Jenni said...

LOL. Hey, it's all in the name of science.

Anonymous said...

You always have the best links! Thanks for sharing this one. Though I have to say, it doesn't sound implausible that there could be something to this research....but the way it's presented in the article is absolutely ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Hi jem. Sorry about the arrival of CD1, pleased you were able to retreat to your home though...

As for the research... wow. Bizzare and intriguing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Who even thought of that as a place to measure? Or that it would correlate in any way? Craziness!

Adele said...

Incredible. Never, in a million years, would I think that the clues to MFI lie taintwards.

I hope the past few days have been much, much better.

Marnee said...

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~C~ said...

OMG. "It's all about the taint." Seriously, how does it even occur to people to study this stuff?