Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome ICWL!

It's that time of month again... No, not THAT. ICLW, silly!

Here are things you might not know about me (non-IF related):

1) I was born in London, England, to American parents. My mom was working at the American School and my dad was in publishing (or avoiding the draft, as it was the late 60s).

2) I was conceived in Tetouan, northern Morocco while my parents were on vacation the summer of '69.

3) I lived in Geneva, Switzerland for 6 years after college. I worked for the United Nations, doing humanitarian aid work for former Yugoslavia during the war there. I speak proficient French. I miss speaking French everyday. I don't miss being a foreigner, tho. I love being home and close to my family.

What other non-IF things do you want to know about me?



Anonymous said...

Wow, I loved this! You are so worldly. I guess going with the theme, what is the best place you've visited?

Anonymous said...

McRuger actually was born in Geneva and lived there for 7 years! I love this post!

Hmmm, what do I want to know about Jem? If you only had one movie you could watch over and over...what would it be?

Kakunaa said...

Wow! You worked for the UN!!! Very jealous! I am amazed at your past :) Thank you for sharing!

Heather said...

Love your list! Fascinating.

b35 said... have had such an interesting/exciting life! i love that you speak's such a beautiful language to listen to. :)


Circus Princess said...

How cool! Alors tu parles francais? Thanks for sharing :)

Sarah said...

wow, that's so awesome! I need to get around to doing some traveling one of these days :)

bunny said...

Look at you, amazing world traveler! I can't imagine living in a foreign country--I'm just too big of a sissy.

Molly said...

Im glad you got the mittens, which ones did you get? Haha for wishing for yucky weather.
I used to live in Tunisia, just "one block" from Morocco. And my husband is Croatian, former yugo !

Sarah S said...

Wow, you have been all over the world!!!

Happy ICLW

Angie said...

Wow, you seem like an absolutely fascinating person! I can't wait to read more about you.

Happy ICLW ~#42

Kristin said...

How very cool! I've lived all over the world (my dad was in the Air Force) but I don't speak a foreign language.

~ICLW #18